Dog Coloring Pages – 40 Printable Sheets

Let us hear a woof, woof if your kids love dog coloring pages! We’ve got them all – from cute dogs to realistic-looking hounds, there really are many to choose from.

So go on ahead, print them out, give your kids their favorite coloring supplies and have them color their favorite dogs.

Printable Dog Coloring Pages

Printable Dog Coloring Pages

Free Printable Dog Coloring Pages

If you’re a dog person or love to color various dogs, you’re in the right place. Our collection of 40 dog coloring pages is now available in our membership library. And if they aren’t dog lovers, why not give them some of the cat coloring pages?

We’ve prepared 10 free dog coloring worksheets for your kindergartners, older kids, and grown-ups to get you started.

Once they are done coloring their favorite designs, why not give them our step by step how to draw a dog guide and have them draw one of their own. It’s super easy.

Happy Pug

Happy Pug

Your kids will love this dog coloring page. Look at the adorable pug showing its tongue, being goofy. Isn’t he adorable? Grab your coloring supplies and make the page as colorful you want.

Dog Coloring Pages

Dog Coloring Page

Learn to spell the word DOG by coloring the whole sheet. You can add some colors to the background too, to make it even prettier. The page will be perfect for kindergartners.

French Bulldog

French Bulldog Coloring Sheet

Have you ever observed the dog’s ears? Some dogs have folded, fluffy, and some upright ears. Let’s color this cute pet and its bow-like collar with your favorite markers. These breeds are usually white, black and white, or brown, but you can color this one however you like.

Super Dog Coloring Page

Superman Dog

We all know Superman, but have you ever heard of a Super dog? This one is a courageous good boy who is always ready to help. You can color its cape and the building behind him to make the super dog stand out.

Dog and a Puppy

Dog and a Puppy

This momma dog and a puppy look so happy together. Puppies always like to stay close to their parents to feel safe. Get those crayons running and color them both.

Dog Coloring Pages

Butterfly on a Nose

Another great dog coloring page for your students. These two friends really enjoy the outdoors. Maybe they’re telling each other stories and daydream together. Make them as colorful as you want.

Dog with a Bowl of Food

Dog Eating Food

Food is one of the things that make dogs very excited. This one just can’t wait to eat the whole bowl of it. So get your markers, color the dog, bowl, and don’t forget to color the floor and the wall.

Dog and its House

Dog and its House

Each dog deserves a well-made isolated house, and this one sure looks like a nice shelter. It seems this fellow already has a full belly, or he might leave some of the food for later—color the dog, its house, the bowl, the grass, and the bushes.

Puppy and a Butterfly

Cute Puppy and a Butterfly

We all know puppies are inquisitive, like to run around and chase everything that moves. So enjoy coloring this kind of pup and a flying butterfly and make them as colorful as you like.

Shepherd Dog with a Bone

Carrying a Bone

Shepherds are well-known for being protective, kind, and easily trained. They usually have a longer coat and are really smart and loving. This one is definitely not bothered by falling leaves, as he is occupied carrying his bone.

Exclusive Member Dog Coloring Pages

We’ve got a collection of 40 different dog coloring pages for your kids and studetns. You will find all kinds of designs, from the most easy ones to some with more details.

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Here is a sneak peek of 30 dog coloring pages that are now available in our membership library.

Happy Dog with a Bone

Happy Pup Coloring Page

This puppy is so excited to have his bone, even though it is almost as big as him. Just imagine how he’s wiggling with his tail. Color the whole page with your best coloring supplies and have fun.

Playful Day

Puppy Playing with a Ball

Dogs really can play ball; look how agile this furry friend is. He also has a nice collection of other toys but prefers to play with his favorite colorful bouncy ones.

Dog with a Bib

Dog Ready for its Meal

Ready to color another adorable puppy coloring page? This pup is ready to get its meal; he even put a bib around his neck to protect his freshly groomed coat. So, grab those markers and enjoy!

Scooby Dog

Dog Coloring Sheet

Doesn’t he look like Scooby-Doo? Well, you can color him with any colors you want, really, and make his collar and a tag shine. You can also leave the eyespot white or color it brown or any color you think of.

Outdoor Fun

Dog Coloring Pages

Dogs love jumping through the grass, tasting plants, finding rocks, dirt, and licking many things. It is how dogs get the information of their surroundings, and this one is enjoying the day outdoors. So grab your favorite markers and color the dog, the flowers, the grass, and the sky.

Great Dane Coloring Sheet

Great Dane Coloring Page

Do you like big dogs? Or enormous dogs? Take a look and color one of the bigger dog breeds – a Great Dane. These dogs are so goofy when they play, and we bet you’ll have a goofy time coloring the page.

Spaniel Coloring Page

Dog with a Bow Coloring Sheet

A spaniel with a lovely bow on its head and a collar with a tag. A perfect coloring page for younger kids who need wide areas for coloring.

Idyllic Dog Life

Outdoor Fun on a Farm

Dogs love to run free and enjoy the outdoors, especially if they have a dog friend to explore it together. These two are surrounded by butterflies and enjoy farm life. Give them some color.

Sitting Dog Coloring Pages

Dog Sitting

Have you ever tried to teach a dog how to sit? Well, it’s not that difficult; wait untill he sits and say: “sit.” This is how they’ll learn it quickly. And this good boy already knows some tricks. So grab your coloring supplies and color the dog and the grass with bushes in the back.

Dachshund Coloring Page

Dachshund Coloring Page

Dachshunds are such cute dogs. They have a really long body, floppy ears, and a small wiggly tail. Kindergartners will love coloring this simple dachshund design with their best crayons or markers.

Running Puppy

Dog Coloring Pages

Do you see this happiness? A pup running around with its small bone. It just looks like he’s enjoying his life to the fullest. All he needs is a bit of coloring, and we’re sure you’ll do an amazing job.

Happy Dog Coloring Sheet

Dog Coloring Pages

Did you know dogs cool themselves through their mouth? That is why they put their tongue out, and we think it’s adorable. This little friend is super happy about being colored.

Pug Coloring Page

Small Dog Coloring Sheet

We love pugs and all other dogs; tiny ones, medium ones, big ones, puppies, and adult dogs. So color the tiny pug, and don’t forget to color his collar and tag too.

Dachshund Coloring Sheet

Dachshund Coloring Sheet

Do you like dachshunds? Here is another coloring page for your kids to color. These dogs have such a good sense of smell, short fur, and can dig big holes. We bet this simple design will be fun any time of the year.

Dog Coloring Pages

Dog Coloring Pages

Have you ever had a dog? Some dogs really know how to make you smile. This one is happy laying on the table, wiggling its tail and patiently waiting to get colored.

Dog with a Hat Coloring Sheet

A Puppy with a Hat Coloring Page

Ready to grab your coloring supplies? This puppy got himself into a drum shell and is wearing a big hat. Isn’t he cute? This dog coloring sheet will be perfect for younger and older kids.

Bathing Time

Having a Bath

Not all dogs like to be in the water, and sometimes it’s tough to bathe them. Well, this one is an exception – this pup loves the water and enjoys the foamy bubbles.

Good Boy

Happy Puppy

You know a good boy when you see one, and this pup surely deserves to be called like that. Color him with your best markers or crayons, and don’t forget to color its tongue too.

Corgi Coloring Page

Corgi Coloring Page

Have you ever seen a Corgy? Corgies love to wiggle their tail, and they look so funny when they walk. You can go with the orange markers or use any other color to color this page.

A Pup in a Vase

A Pup in a Vase

This little fellow climbed into the vase and looks like he’s having a good time. Kids can use various colors for the vase motives and color the dog however they want. Then, to make the dog really pop out, color the background as well.

Dog and a Butterfly Coloring sheet

Dog Coloring Pages

Such a nice play between a dog and a butterfly. A true friendship between two completely different animals. It seems they’re enjoying each others company so much, they forgot they are about to be colored.

Dog Coloring Pages

Dog Coloring Pages

Grab your crayons and color this dalmatian coloring page. It will be perfect throughout the whole year, and we’re sure kids will love it.

Sleepy Beagle

Dog under the Starry Sky

Dogs also need sleep, and this Beagle is in its pajamas already. So color the pup, its hat, the bed, and make the night sky shine with stars and the Moon.

Woof Coloring Page

Woof Coloring Page

How does a dog sound? Do your kids love imitating animal sounds? Let them color this woof coloring page, and they mimic it as they color.

Dog on a Pillow

Dog Scratching

Everyone needs a comfy rest, and this dog found a nice pillow to sleep on. But first, he needs to scratch a bit and clean his coat. Then, he can sleep in the fresh air under the stars. Color the whole page with your best markers.

Sitting Labrador Retriever

Dog Coloring Pages

We know labradors like to carry and bring things. So this one is patiently sitting and waiting for the next task. You can use your brown, black, or yellow crayons to color it. The page is perfect for smaller kids as it includes broad areas for coloring.

Sleepy Pup

Sleepy Pup Coloring Sheet

Sleeping animals are sometimes even more adorable than when they are awake. This little guy is peacefully sleeping beside his favorite bushes, and we bet he’s dreaming how nice he’ll look after he gets colored.

Excited Dog Coloring Pages

Dog Coloring Pages

You know how excited dogs look – wiggling their tails, smiling with their tongue out, and they can’t wait we take them on a walk. So grab your coloring supplies and color the whole page.

Birthday Party Dog Coloring Pages

Birthday Party

Did we hear the word party? Everyone loves birthday parties, so let’s celebrate this dog’s birthday by coloring the whole party room with vivid colors.

Exploring the Great Outdoors

Having Fun on the Grass

Dogs need to explore as many different environments as they can, sniff, run, and have fun. Here is a curious dog that found a lonely flower; get your markers running and color the whole sheet.

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Dog Coloring Pages

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