Dolphin Coloring Pages


Print out these wonderful dolphin coloring pages and have fun while coloring them. A nice variety of designs, from super simple with thicker lines, to ones with many details suitable for older kids (or you).

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Printable Dolphin Coloring Pages for Kids - from simple ones for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten to more detailed one for older kids.

Dolphin Coloring Pages for Kids

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Coloring pages is something we do love to share here on Easy Peasy and Fun, both ours as well as from other artists.

Dolphin Coloring Pages

It’s certainly been a while since I’ve drawn coloring pages and I admit, I started to miss it. Armed with a pencil (and later a marker) I decided it was about time to draw a few and as summer is near I’ve decided to make a few dolphin coloring pages for you.

Coloring certainly can be relaxing but so is drawing :). I hope you will enjoy coloring my drawings, however if you choose to make your own we also have a handy how to draw a dolphin tutorial on the website too.

Fast forward a few days from when the decision was made, here are 10 unique coloring printable dolphin coloring pages.

Dolphin Coloring Pages

We are sharing a wonderful collection of coloring pages of dolphins, from ones swimming in the sea, through those that are peeking out of the water (or even jumping out of the water), simple cartoon style ones that toddlers, preschoolers and kids in kindergarten will enjoy to ones with intricate designs that will delight older kids (or you).

You can print them all at the bottom of this article.

Here is a list of what coloring pages are included in this printable set

  • two dolphins swimming. Cartoon style drawing with quite a few details of underwater life.

  • smiley dolphin looking out of the water. I just love how the expression on his/hers face turned out

  • mama and baby (or dad and baby). Simple and sweet.

  • one dolphin under the sea. Quite a few details – algae, starfish and bubbles.

  • swimming in the sea. The sea details are what makes this one special.

  • dolphin jumping out of the water. This one just had to be included.

  • intricate design perfect for older kids and grown ups.

  • jumping out of the water with rays of sunshine. A bit on the abstract side, with a more realistic looking dolphin.

  • cartoon baby dolphin

  • cartoon dolphin

Get the Printable Dolphin Coloring Pages

Grab them here: 10 Coloring Pages Dolphin Theme 

Happy coloring

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