DIY Mouse Christmas Card

It’s time to make a sweet DIY mouse Christmas card! Handmade cards are the best way to spread holiday joy and they don’t need to be complicated in order to look amazing.

This card can easily be made by kids of almost all ages, although younger kids might need some assistance.

DIY Mouse Christmas Card

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Nothing beats making DIY Christmas cards, there is just something special about them. This mouse card is super sweet, we have a similar reindeer Christmas card kids can make. If you need something simpler but still super sweet, give this Santa Claus card a try.

How to Make the DIY Mouse Christmas Card

What you need:

  • scissors
  • glue
  • white paper
  • black paper
  • color paper (red, yellow, pale pink, and green)
  • black marker
  • white marker

Step by Step Tutorial

The Card

Start by making a card. You will need a sheet of paper, cardstock being the best. You can make a large card by folding a letter-sized or A4-sized paper in half. Alternatively, you can make smaller cards by cutting the letter-sized or A4-sized paper in half and folding it.

Step 1

The Mouse

Once you have your card folded, cut a rectangle out of white paper that is about the same size as the folded card. Fold the white paper in half (along the longer side).

With a pencil, draw a diagonal line from the top (starting from the folded side) to the edge, ending the line around halfway down the length of the paper.

Step 2

Now cut along this line.

Step 3

Unfold the paper and you should see a triangle shape on top of a rectangle shape (house shape).

Apply glue to the rectangle part of the white paper cutout. Do not apply glue on the triangle part.

Stick it onto the card, aligning the bottom of the white paper to the bottom of the red card.

Step 4

The Head

Bend the top triangle part, apply glue to the tip, and stick the tip to the “body of the mouse”.

Step 5

The Whiskers

Cut thin strips out of black construction paper.

Step 6

Stick them one on top of the other to look like whiskers, then glue them onto the bent part of the white paper.

Step 7

Take a pink pom-pom and glue it to the center.

Step 8

The Ears

Our mouse needs ears! Cut out an ear-like shape from white paper and a smaller piece from pale pink paper.

Glue one on top of the other. Repeat the step to create the other ear.

Step 9

Glue the ears to the red card – behind the bent mouse’s head.

Step 10

Draw two tiny eyes with a black marker. You can also use googly eyes.

Step 11

The Present

Now it’s time to turn this regular mouse into a Christmas mouse. Cut out a yellow rectangle and glue it onto the mouse.

Step 12

Cut two green strips to fit the present, and glue them in a cross-like shape.

Step 13

The Bow

To make a bow, cut a longer green strip. Twist one end to make a bow loop and glue it.

Step 14

Repeat the bending procedure on the other side and glue the bow to the center of the present.

Step 15

The Arms

Cut out two wider white strips and glue each on one side of the mouse’s body.

Step 16

Apply glue at the end of tha arms and bend them so that the mouse looks like it is holding the present.

Step 17

The Snowflakes

Time to add some snowflakes! Use a white chalk marker to draw the snowflakes. Alternatively, you can also have the kids use Q-tips dipped in paint or even their fingers to create snowflakes.

Step 18

Your DIY mouse Christmas card is ready to be given to a friend or a family member!

Step 19

We love how it turned out!

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