Easy DIY Christmas Ornament

This Easy DIY Christmas ornament is a great Christmas activity for toddlers and preschoolers as it focuses on fine motor skills a lot.

You can make this one classy or tacky, it all depends on the selection of pom poms.

Easy DIY Christmas Ornament

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This simple ornament isn’t hard to make, and little material is needed – no need to use pom poms at all actually, you can use any scrap material you have in your household.

This is a close to no prep activity too, so it’s perfect as a Christmas craft for kindergarten. Give the kids a variety of filling materials to choose from and plastic baubles and have them create their own unique ornaments. 

Combine this ornament with one of the DIY Christmas cards and you have a wonderful little kid made Christmas gift.

Easy DIY Christmas Ornament Craft for Kids

Easy DIY Christmas Ornament

What you need:

  • fillable plastic ornament
  • pompoms or other filling material 
  • ribbon

Step 1

Step by Step Instructions

We’ve made our bauble by using “glitter” pom poms in green and red color, a classic Christmas color combination.

Open ornament the plastic bauble. If working in a classroom, give the kids the baubles only, keep the top part.

Have the kids fill their ornament with pompoms or other material. Buttons, scrap ribbon, tissue paper are all good options.

Step 2

When they are done, have them bring your the ornament so you can put the cap on.

Step 3

Tie ribbon to the top and the ornament is ready for hanging.

Easy DIY Christmas Ornament for Kids

See this one was trully an easy one.

Easy DIY Christmas Ornament Craft Idea

Project contributed by Nicole.

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