Cupcake Liner Chinese Dragon Craft

After a season of baking, you probably have a couple of cupcake liners lying around, and with this cupcake liner Chinese dragon craft, your kids can use them up in a creative way.

Celebrate the Lunar New Year with this colorful art activity and have the kids build up a fun-looking Chinese dragon. All colors work; however, red, orange, and yellow really capture the spirit of this celebration.

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DIY Cupcake Liner Chinese Dragon Craft

This is a wonderful project to use up all those odd bits and pieces of paper.

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Cupcake Dragon Chinese New Year Craft

How to Make the Cupcake Liner Chinese Dragon Craft

What you need:

  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • black cardstock
  • cupcake liners (orange, red, and yellow or other colors)
  • two googly eyes
  • paper/tissue paper

Step by Step Tutorial

Prepare cardstock for the background. You can use any color; we do recommend black as it really makes the Chinese dragon pop.

Step 1

Now, gather up those colorful cupcake liners. They’re the magical ingredient for crafting this dragon’s body.

Step 2

Have kids fold the cupcake liners in half.

Step 3

Apply a wavy line of glue to the cardstock or apply glue on the cupcake liners one by one.

Step 4

Glue the folded cupcake liners.

Step 5

Have them add a burst of colors by folding more red, yellow, and orange cupcake liners, then glue them together, facing each other.

Step 6

Now let’s make the head. Grab one (red) cupcake liner and fold one side to the center.

Step 7

We’re making a rectangle like shape.

Step 8

Then, fold the other side as well to create a rectangle with one rounded side.

Step 9

Have kids apply some glue and stick the dragon’s head to its body.

Step 10

Glue on the googly eyes or googly eye stickers.

Step 11

Have kids cut two tiny horns from a yellow cupcake liner or yellow paper and glue them onto the dragon’s head.

Step 13

Have them cut out a strip from the red, orange, and yellow cupcake liner or paper/tissue paper for the fire.

Step 14

Make some accordion folds.

Step 15

Glue to the mouth so it looks like this Chinese dragon is breathing fire.

Step 16

Have them cut three strips out of yellow, orange, and red strip of paper and glue them as tails.

Step 17

The Chinese dragon needs legs. Have kids cut some orange strips, make accordion folds, and glue them to the cardstock to the body as legs.

Step 18

Chinese dragons have four legs.

Step 19

All done!

DIY Chinese Dragon Cupcake Liner Craft

How do you like the dragon your kids made?

Cupcake Liner Chinese Dragon Craft Idea

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