Cupcake Liner Frog Craft

Hippity hop it’s time to make a cupcake liner frog craft!

Cupcake liner crafts can be really fun, the best way to go about it is to give the kids a selection of assorted colors and and have them come up with their own animals, but sometimes you just need an idea, like how to make a cupcake liner frog craft :).

Cupcake Liner Frog Craft

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Cupcake Liner Frog Craft

  • sheet of paper
  • 4 green cupcake liners (I really recommend getting cupcake liners in various colors)
  • glue
  • wiggly eyes
  • black marker

Cut one cupcake liner in half. Glue the halves one next to other (as shown on the picture bellow). Glue one whole cupcake liner in the middle – for the frog body.

Cut the remaining two cupcake liners like shown on the picture, you’ll get the eyes and a strip to make the legs. Glue the eyes on their place.

Cut 4 small parts from the strip to use as frog legs. Glue them on the frog.

Frog Craft

Almost done! Take two big wiggly eyes and stick them onto the eye ball parts. Draw two little nostrils and mouth and this little fellow is ready to hop away.

More cupcake liner crafts

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Frog Craft from Cupcake Liners

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