Craft Stick Polar Bear

This Craft Stick Polar Bear is just the craft you need with winter approaching!

Made with basic materials, making this polar animal will be the highlight of your day.

Craft Stick Polar Bear

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We have a lot of fun making Winter Crafts (check out our Polar Bear Pop Up Card or make a bunch of Paper Snowflakes – we’re sure kids will love them).

Grab those coloring supplies, and enjoy our big Bear Coloring Pages set. And if your kids want to learn How to Draw a Bear – we got a guided tutorial for them to follow.

DIY Simple Craft Stick Polar Bear

Polar bears are known for their distinct white fur and large size.

These adorable creatures are commonly associated with cold weather and snow, making them the perfect addition to a Christmas Tree.

Wooden Stick Polar Bear Craft

When you complete this craft stick polar bear, you’ll have an adorable bear to place anywhere in the home!

How to Make the Craft Stick Polar Bear

What you need:

  • five wooden craft sticks
  • white paper
  • silk ribbon
  • heart-shaped rhinestone
  • paintbrush
  • black and pink marker
  • glue stick
  • scissors
  • acrylic paint (white and gray)

Materials Used

Step by Step Tutorial

The Body

Grab your craft sticks and begin painting them with white paint.

Step 1

Now, wait for your sticks to dry before cutting their bottoms with scissors.

Step 2

Use both hands to snap one craft stick, removing the smaller piece slightly.

Step 3

Grab your scissors and cut your craft stick again. Be sure to cut down the middle.

Step 4

Place your four craft sticks together, with the middle two situated lower than the outer two.

Use a glue stick to attach the cut pieces horizontally across the four craft sticks you’ve glued together.

Step 5

The Hind Paws

Grab your paintbrush and begin adding more light gray paint to the bottom of your craft sticks.

Step 6

The Belly

Make a circle in the center of the sticks with your light gray paint and paintbrush to make a polar bear’s belly.

Step 7

Add more gray paint to the two craft sticks on the outer section.

Step 8

The Snout

Grab your pencil, draw an ellipse on paper, and cut it out.

Step 9

Draw nose and lips on a white ellipse.

Step 12

Use your glue to stick the nose to the center of the craft sticks.

Step 14

The Face

Grab the pink marker and draw hearts on both sides of the bear’s nose.

We’ll get these lovely bear cheek blushes.

Step 15

Use your black pen marker to draw claws on the feet (inner two craft sticks).

Step 16

The Scarf

We’re going to make a scarf for the bear now.

Grab your ribbon and tie it around the craft sticks, cutting off the excess.

Step 17

Trim both ends of the ribbon to make them even. 

Step 18

Grab your red heart rhinestone and glue it to the polar bear’s stomach.

Step 19

The Front Paws

Use your pencil to draw arms.

Step 10

Add claws to the hands of your bear with a permanent marker.

Step 13

Glue the arms of the polar bear in place.

Step 20

Now you have the most adorable-looking polar bear you’ve ever seen!

Step 21

Complete these fun, cute crafts with your kids at home.

Craft Stick Polar Bear Winter Craft

It’s the perfect finish to a lesson on polar bears and all the fantastic things they do in the wild!

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DIY Craft Stick Polar Bear

Have fun crafting!

Craft Stick Polar Bear Idea

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