Polar Bear Pop Up Card

Craft time can be a really fun time, especially with this Polar Bear Pop Up Card. You can print out this template and have a project to go in no time! Just imagine the possibilities of playtime with a polar bear that can talk!

If your child loves to play with puppets and talk in funny voices, then this is the craft for them. It’s amazing how creative one can get with this polar bear.

Polar Bear Pop Up Card with Printable Template

When it comes to learning and playtime, it doesn’t always look the same for everyone. Some kids need imaginary play and this Polar Bear Pop Up Card can provide hours and hours of pretend play.

The template is super simple to print out and cut out as well. Just make sure you follow these directions to get the best results!

How to Make a Polar Bear Pop Up Card

What you need:

Step by Step Instructions

Print out the Polar Bear Template.

Once the template is cut, go ahead and fold the template in half.

Once the template is folded in half follow the lines to cut out the mouth.

There is a line in the middle of the mouth and that will be the cutting starting point.

There are two dashed lines going along the mouth, go ahead and fold along those lines.

Press firmly on those lines to make sure they stick. Now go ahead

You can press your fingers from the back to the front to make the mouth “pop out.”

Fold the card as shown.

Fold the stock paper in half as shown.

Apply glue across the half of the template and stick it inside the folded card.

Press firmly.

Apply glue on the other half of the template and close the card.

This will stick the template to the other half of the card.

Press firmly and wait a little while to ensure that the glue is set!

There you have your very own Polar Bear Pop Up Card. You can see the red sticking out and it looks like a tongue!


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