Cotton Ball Rainbow Art

Oh how we do love a good rainbow art project! This time we are sharing a tutorial to show you how to make a simple cotton ball rainbow art.

This one will be enjoyed especially by preschoolers (and older toddlers) as it uses a fun painting medium – the cotton balls. Great for fine motor skills and fun and messy enough for kids to thoroughly enjoy.

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This one is a perfect little (and oh so simple) spring art activity for younger – toddlers and preschoolers will have a blast creating this one especially as this art project doesn’t use regular paintbrushes (same as this flower sponge art).

Your kids will have a great session of fine motor practice with this one as they are required to operate / paint with a clothes pin and a cotton ball.

Cotton Ball Rainbow Art for KidsHow to Make Cotton Ball Rainbow Art

What you need:

  • Paint
  • Cotton Balls
  • Clothespins
  • Canvas
  • White Cardstock


Step by Step Instructions

Pour the rainbow paints into small dishes, easel or onto a paper plate (super handy).

Have the kids clip cotton balls with clothespins.

If you want to make this more about fine motor skills than painting, you can offer them just one clothespin and have them switch the cotton balls for each color they use.

Let the kids dab the cotton ball into the paint and then press the cotton ball onto the canvas.

There are more than one ways you can make the rainbow – you can make the whole arch across your canvas, or you can make half of the arch, both versions will look pretty cool.

Done with the first color? Move onto the next and next and all the way to the end of the rainbow. If you are using this art project to teach about the colors of the rainbow, make sure your kids use the correct colors, if you are making this just for fun, the colors aren’t as important.

Allow paint to dry completely.

Cut out cloud shapes out of cardstock (or craft foam) and stick it at the end of the rainbow.

Your canvas is finished!

Cotton Ball Rainbow Canvas Art

Cotton Ball Rainbow Art for Kids to Make

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