Chocolate Football Game Night Treat

Whether you are excited about game night or not, chocolate always, and I mean always makes it (even) better. This chocolate football game night treat is easy to put together and with  a simple crafty touch to the glasses, a memorable one.

Chocolate flavor works best with this theme but naturally, if you for any reason are not a fan of it, any other flavor is good too!

Easy Football Game Night Dessert

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OK, so I’m not really a super sports fan, you won’t catch me watching sports channels on a regular day, but when it comes to larger sports events (world cups, or finals) I get my game spirit on and can warm up for all kinds of sports. Think I like the “event” :).

Like with any other event there’s one thing that makes it even better… Food! If you need a cute and quick idea, this prettied up chocolate pudding is just the thing

Chocolate Football Game Night Treat

Materials and ingredients

Clear plastic cups
White puffy paint
Chocolate pudding


Delicious Treat

Draw a straight line down one side of the cup, then shorter lines across for the laces. Be careful not to make the lines too thick, or they will run. Allow them to dry overnight, then they are ready for the chocolate pudding! Makes a cute dessert for the big game!

And that’s all!

Easy Chocolate Football Game Night Treat

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