Ball Games for 1-2 Year Olds

Got a ball or two? Let’s play! Ball games for 1-2 year olds are great as they are great for their motor skills and enhance hand eye coordination (plus they are super fun). Soft balls and beach balls are the best pick as they are lightweight and well, soft.

Ball Games for Toddlers

1. “Basketball – well not in the traditional sense! Grab a ball and a bucket, box or a pot big enough a ball can easily be placed inside.
Show your 1 year old what to do with the ball – throw it into the bucket.
Give the ball to your little one and put the bucket right beside him or her, just far enough that they can’t just place the ball inside but need
to throw just a little. Now let him or her throw the ball into the bucket. The first few “throws”
will probably be a miss but after a few tries they will get the hang of it and the smile on their faces when they “nail” it is precious. We played this game with an 11 month old!

2. “Roll the ball” – this is en easy game 1 year olds can master in seconds. You and your baby sit facing each other and pass the ball to each other (using your legs or various objects as barriers so that the ball doesn’t stray).

3. “Kick the Ball” – when they master the art of walking it won’t take them long to master the art of kicking balls (and oh how much fun comes with that!). Be prepared for quite a few kick and misses (or falls) though.

4. “Throwing the Ball” – beach ball (or even a balloon) is the way to go. Toddlers love to throw things (as you already know) so they are going to enjoy this activity.

Ball Games for 1 to 2 Year Olds


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