New Year’s Eve Rice Shaker Craft

Ready for the longest night of the year? If you need something to get creative for the kids why not make this sweet New Year’s Eve Rice shaker craft.

This one will keep the the kids busy crafting plus they will be playing with it once it is done, so double the fun!

New Year Craft for Kids

New Year’s Eve Rice Shaker


Construction paper
Toilet Paper roll
A handful of dry rice
Clear tape
School Glue

To decorate:
Glitter Glues
Craft Paints
Embellishments of your choice!

What to do:

Cut a square of construction paper (one for each end of the toilet paper roll).
Place the square over one end and tape down each side. (refer to photo)
Cut the extra paper corners off (refer to photo)
Wrap a piece of tape around the construction paper to reinforce the taped end. (refer to photo)
Flip the toilet paper roll so the taped paper end is on the table.
Place the handful of rice inside the toilet paper roll.
Repeat the steps above to cover and tape the open end.

Making the Shaker

Cut a rectangle from another piece of construction paper, long enough to wrap around the
toilet paper roll. This will also cover up the ugly taped ends. Glue at the seam. Allow to dry.

Decorate as you wish!

New Year's Eve Rice Shaker Craft

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