4th of July Handprint Art – Uncle Sam and Eagle

Trying to think of a cool independence day handprint art? Search no more as these two 4th of July Handprint art ideas are just the cutest. 

Make a simple bald eagle or a Uncle Sam that’s a bit more complicated (best for older kids, that can make this on their own).

4th of July Hand Print Art

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Independence day is a great time to make patriotic crafts – be it an Amarican flag themed ones, bald eagle ones or Uncle Sam (and we are sure many more). 

Handprint Art - Eagle and Uncle Sam

How to Make 4th of July Handprint Art – Uncle Sam and Eagle

What you will need:

  • canvas
  • paint
  • paintbrush
  • scissors
  • glue
  • black Marker
  • black & white cardstock.

Step by Step Instructions

Uncle Sam Instructions

If you are working with younger kids, to make keepsakes for their family members, you will need to paint their hands yourself. Older kids can paint their hands on their own, and Uncle Sam handprint art is geared towards older kids, as it’s more complicated.

Let the kids paint their hands as follows – middle 3 fingers red, thumb and pinkey tip skin colored, thump and pinkey blue and palm white.

Step 1

Have them press the hand down firmly on the canves or paper – towrards the bottom of the paper (middle three fingers together and pinkey and thump spread apart). This makes the body. Wait for the handprint to dry completely. Prepare for the second hand print.

Paint the palm with flesh toned paint, middle finger blue, index and pointer finger red. Turn the canvas around and press the hand down (above the previous handprint).

Allow the handprint to dry completely.

Finish up the hat by either painting with a paintbrush or painting the finger red and pressing it down. Dip the tips of your fingers into flesh toned paint and make ears. 

Then dip your fingertip in white paint and give Uncle Sam some hair and a beard.

Step 2-1

Allow the paint to dry completely.

Decorate! Draw the face with a  black marker, paint a tie, add outlines if needed and a few strips on the shirt.

Step 3-1

Your Uncle Sam handprint craft is complete!

Uncle Sam Handprint Art

Bald Eagle Instructions

The bald eagle handprint art is a easier so more suited for younger kids. For this eagle handprint, make sure to use your canvas in landscape position. You can also paint the canvas with a light base color (light gray, light blue for example) to make the eagle stand out more.

Paint the middle 3 fingers with white paint.

Step 1-1

Press your hand down onto the canvas towards the bottom. Let it dry. 

Continue by painting the hand brown and thumb white.

Step 1-2

Press your hand down firmly onto the canvas, off to one side. Repeat this step with the other hand and press it down next to the first one.

Allow the handprint to dry completely.

For the beak, you can dip your fingertip into yellow paint and press it on the eagle head.

Step 2

Allow the paint to dry completely.

Add details with black marker.

Finished Eagle Handprint

Your eagle handprint craft is complete!

Handprint Art 4th of July

Happy crafting!


4th of July Handprint Art


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