No-Sew Sock Turkey Craft

It’s turkey time! You will love this little project we are sharing with you today, we made a no-sew sock turkey craft which will make a wonderful DIY gift or a decoration for your home during fall months. And it’s a perfect solution to use up the odd socks we know you have.DIY No-Sew Sock Turkey Craft for your Little Ones

No-Sew Sock Turkey Craft

What you need

  • an odd brown sock – fluffy one if possible
  • felt
  • wiggle eye stickers
  • felt in fall colors
  • rubber band
  • rice
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun or felt glue.



Fill the sock with rice. With fluffy socks we recommend you use another sock to fill and place it inside the fluffy one. When a nice shape is formed, tie the sock with a rubber band. Use another rubber band to make the head.

The neat thing with the fluffy socks is that you don’t necessarily need to cut the excess sock, we pulled the excess sock over the head – this also nicely covered the rubber band around the “neck”.

Cut the tail feathers out of felt. If you are using thicker felt it will be able to keep it’s form by it’s own, if you’re using thinner felt you might need to reinforce it by gluing a piece of cardboard onto it.

Glue the feathers together, making a nice tail shape, you can either use the glue gun or felt glue.


Glue the tail to the turkey body with a glue gun. Cut a small triangle beak out of felt. Glue it onto the head. All that is left is to glue on two wiggle eyes.

No-Sew Sock Turkey Craft for Kids

You can now place your new friend in your home. Will he guard your doors?

No-Sew Sock Turkey Craft

DIY No-Sew Sock Turkey Craft

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