Winter Windsock Toilet Paper Roll Craft

We hope you have a bunch of paper rolls stored as there is no chance you will do just one winter windsock toilet paper roll craft.  Once you make the first one, you’ll want to make a dozen.

You can even combine this winter craft with the snowman windsock craft we already shared.

Winter Windsock Toilet Paper Roll Craft for Kids

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Toilet paper roll crafts are great to do with kids, as the material needed is a cheap one (and recycled). If you’re not a fan of toilet paper rolls, you can always use paper kitchen towel rolls, make the rolls yourself out of construction paper or even get the craft paper rolls from the craft stores.

This winter toilet paper roll craft will make a cute decoration for your classroom or your home, if you are crafting with the kids at home. It’s pretty easy to make and can be done out of recycled materials completely.

Winter Windsock Toilet Paper Roll Craft

How to Make a Winter Windsock Toilet Paper Roll Craft

What you need:

  • toilet paper roll (or other kind of paper roll)
  • blue paint
  • white and blue tissue paper (or napkins, or if you want a fully recycled version, old newspaper)
  • paintbrush
  • snowflake punch (you can also paint the snowflakes or make fingerprints)
  • hole puncher
  • white paper
  • yarn for hanging

Step by Step Tutorial

Start by painting the toilet paper roll blue.

Once painted, let the paint dry before moving to the next step.

Punch two holes (one across the other) on one side of the paper roll.

Thread yarn through the holes.

Tie a knot.

Punch snowflakes out of white paper. Kids love this step.

Glue the snowflakes on the paper roll.

Alternatively you can also paint the snowflakes or make the snowflakes with finger prints. 

Cut long strips out of tissue paper. We choose light blue and white ones for this project – other colors are OK too.

Glue the strips of tissue paper inside the toilet paper roll (younger kids can glue them outside too, if they find this easier).

All done, your Winter Windsock Toilet Paper Roll Craft is ready for display.

Winter Windsock Toilet Paper Roll

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