Toilet Paper Roll Turkey Craft

Turkey time! We decided to combine recycling with nature materials in this toilet paper roll turkey craft and it turned out great!

We’ve been playing around with nature materials quite a bit here making pinecone hedgehogs and more as in the end fall is the best time to utilize them.

Toilet Paper Roll Turkey Craft with Leaves

Toilet Paper Roll Turkey Craft with Leaves

What you need:

  • Toilet paper or paper towels roll
  • brown paper or brown colors to make the paper roll brown.
  • all kinds of leaves – the more colorful the better
  • googly eyes
  • yellow paper
  • scissors, glue

Start by either coloring the toilet paper roll brown or wrap and glue it with brown paper like we did. Let it dry.

While you wait select all kinds of leaves.

Once the toilet paper roll is dry apply a generous amount of white school (liquid one) glue on the bottom part of the paper roll and glue on the first layer of leaves (start with the smallest ones – we started with yellow ones). Let the glue dry a little. You can secure them with a clothespin while they dry.

Once dry apply a generous amount of white glue on the leaves that are already glued onto the tp roll. Add another layer of leaves.

We only did 2 layers but you can certainly do more if you have leaves in more sizes and colors.

Glue on the beak and goggly eyes.

While making this fun turkey craft you can also teach your kids to identify the leaves and trees you are using.

More Crafts With Leaves

We did these adorable leaf hedgehog craft the other day!

Toilet Paper Roll Turkey Craft

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