Winter Village Art Project with Newspaper

This winter village art project with newspaper is a great art lesson to do in the classroom. It’s easy to make, so it’s great for kids as young as preschool and kindergarten and it’s all about recycling and creativity. What’s not to love?

Winter Village Art Project with Newspaper

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How to Make the Winter Village Art Project with Newspaper

What you need:

  • scissors
  • glue
  • old newspaper
  • black paper
  • white paper
  • transparent white paper (optional)
  • markers (black and white)

Step by Step Tutorial

The Night Sky

Prepare a sheet of black construction paper. This will be the background for this winter art project.

Step 1

The Houses

Cut out rectangles and squares out of old newspaper.

Step 2

Start building the village. Glue the rectangles on the black construction paper.

Step 3

Your kids can also cut out other shapes if their scissor skills allow it – encourage them to add a tree to their scene.

Step 4

The Roofs

Next, cut out triangles out of white paper and stick them on top of the rectangles. This way you make the snow-covered roofs.

Step 5

The Windows and Doors

With a black marker, draw windows and doors on your houses. You can also have the kids cut out rectangles out of black paper and stick them onto their scene.

Step 6

Let them draw as many windows and doors as they want.

Step 7

The Moon

Next, have them cut out a crescent and glue it somewhere above their vilage.

Step 8

The Stars and Snowflakes

With a white marker, draw some stars as dots and snowflakes. Alternatively, kids can also use a Q-tip to paint the snowflakes or use their fingertips.

Step 9

To complete the winter village art project with newspaper, cut a wavy strip out of white paper or white tissue paper and glue it to the bottom slightly covering the buildings.

Step 10

Your winter scenery is complete!

Step 11

What an excellent idea to use old paper during the winter season!

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