10 Colorful Winter Activities for Kids

Kids love snow! But you know as far as colors go it is a bit boring isn’t it – white (oh the cold white) everywhere you look so it might be a great time to bring some color to this season!

There are so many fun things you can do with your kids and here are some super fun and colorful winter activities for kids (and big kids)!

10 Colorful Winter Activities for Kids

Aboslutely amazing colorful winter activities for kids to try this year

1. Building a regular snowman is OK but why not make a legion of small painted snowmen? A fun snow painting activity from Easy Peasy and Fun!

2. White color here, white color there, snow everywhere! Add some color and create colored ice sculptures (by Happy Hooligans).

3. I am a sucker for watercolors so this Ice Science with Watercolors by Artful Parent is a must!

4. How about making colored icicles? Pure fun by Housing a Forest.

5. You already know you can use silicon baking molds for way more things than just baking – here’s an awesome idea by Frugal Edmonton Mama.

6. Lets bring some science to the mix – this erupting snow volcano by  Science Sparks is totally awesome.

7. If you are like me and can’t wait for the temperatures to rise be sure to have your kids do the rainbow in the snow (by I Can Teach my Child).

8. Playing with salt and ice is fun and educational – check this salt and ice activity from Happy Hooligans.

9. This one is another favorite and we did this last year as a decor to put in front of the house make colorful ice balls like Queen Vanna Creations did.

10. Last but not least this is such a fun project to do that I actually can’t wait for more snow to fall! Make the snow glow! (by Simple Fun for Kids).

There! Hope these ah-mazing activities bring in some joy (and color naturally) as you do them!

Colorful Winter Activities for Kids

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