Windmill Paper Plate Craft

Are you running out of fun ideas to do for craft time? This Windmill Paper Plate Craft is not only a fun craft to do, it’s super simple. You are about to experience just how fun windmills really are!

Windmill Paper Plate Craft

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Paper Plate Windmill

DIY Windmill Paper Plate Craft

This craft is a hit with kids because there are so many colors involved. If you enjoy a bright and cheery craft, then this one is for you!

How to Make a Windmill Paper Plate Craft

What you need:

  • Paper plate
  • Green, blue, yellow acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Paper roll
  • Creme, red, blue, red, yellow, orange, green papers
  • Pencil
  • Glue stick,
  • Scissors,
  • Milton
  • Black marker
  • Paintbrush

Materials Used

Step by Step Tutorial

Paint the top of a paper plate blue.


Step 1

You’ll want to paint the bottom of the paper plate green.

Step 2

You can be generous with the paint!

Step 3

For a paper roll, cut a piece of blue paper and glue it on.

Step 4

Use glue to make sure the blue piece of paper sticks.

Step 5

Hold it tight to ensure it stays!

Step 6

On red paper, draw a semicircle, cut it out, shape it into a funnel and glue it on top of the roll.

Step 7

On cream-colored paper, draw the mill wheel, cut it out and fix it to the roll with a milton staple.

Step 8

Start drawing the windmill part of the craft.

Step 9

Cut out the windmill part.

Step 10

Poke a small hole in the blue toilet paper tube.

Step 11

Make a slight slit in the windmill.

Step 12

You’re doing to take the paper clasp and place it through the windmill.

Step 13

You will continue to place the same clasp through the blue colored toilet paper roll.

Step 14

Make sure the toilet paper roll is clasped well.

Step 15

Draw a door on the windmill.

Step 16

Draw a window on the roll with a black marker and glue the mill on the paper plate.

Step 17

Take a piece of red semicircle you cut earlier. Place glue along the bottom.

Step 18

Glue the semicircle to make a cone shaped roof for the windmill.

Step 19

You may have to place glue around the edge of the circle to get the roof to stay.

Step 20

Press hard to ensure the red roof stays.

Step 21

Cut longer strips of green paper.

Step 22

Fold in half.

Step 23

Go ahead and cut to the end.

Step 24

Cut the piece of grass in half.

Step 25

On red, yellow, and orange paper, draw little flowers, cut them out, glue them on the green strips, then glue these rows of flowers next to the mill.

Step 26

Step 27

Step 28

Take the strip of green paper that you cut earlier.

Step 29

Make little cuts in the grass.

Step 30

Glue the flowers to the green grass.

Step 31

You can move the colors around to create any pattern you’d like.

Step 32

Now you are going to start gluing everything together.

Step 33

Glue the entire windmill to the paper plate.

Step 34

Step 35

Paint a little sun in the corner with yellow paint.

Step 36

Step 37

Step 38

DIY Paper Plate Windmill

Spinning Windmill Paper Plate Craft

Windmill Paper Plate Craft Idea

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