Water Lily Paper Plate Craft

If you’ve ever wanted to create a water lily based craft, then this Water Lily Paper Plate Craft is for you. You can simply follow this tutorial to make a DIY craft.

Water lilies are popular because they exist in tropical climates around the world. They grow in slow-moving water! So the next time you see a frog on a lily pad, think about how long it took it to grow.

Water Lily Paper Craft

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If you’ve ever looked in a pond and saw a water lily floating around, this is kind of what it looks like. If you are studying water lilies, this makes the perfect craft to do as you learn.

Water Lily Paper Plate Flower Craft

Water Lily Flower Paper Plate Craft

How to Make a Water Lily Paper Plate Craft


What you need: 

  • Paper plate
  • Green acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush, scissors, pencil
  • Glue stick
  • Rose and yellow papers

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Start by gathering all of your materials to make this Water Lily Paper Plate Craft.

Materials Used

Draw the shape of the water lily leaf on a paper plate and cut it out.

Step 001

Go ahead and paint it green.

Step 002

Make a circle on the pink paper.

Step 003

Cut out the circle.

Step 004

Cut out the leaf’s template.

Step 005

Draw around several times on the pink paper.

Step 006

Cut everything out.

Step 007

Pull the petals with the edge of the scissors to curl.

Step 008

Keep curling the leaves with the scissors.

Step 009

Glue them to the circle in several rows.

Step 010

Keep gluing.

Step 011

Keep going until the flower is complete. It should look like a curly flower when you are done!

Step 012

Step 013

Step 014

Cut a long strip of the yellow paper.

Step 015

Fold in half and cut with scissors from beginning to end.

Step 016

Go ahead and wrap the yellow piece of paper up.

Step 017

Glue it together. Gluing this together is going to give the flower an amazing real look!

Step 018

Go ahead and add it to the center of the flower. Look at how beautiful the yellow POP of the center is.

Step 019

Place the flower on the lily pad.

Step 020

Now you have a complete Water Lily Paper Plate Craft.

DIY Water Lily Flower Craft

DIY Paper Water Lily Craft

Water Lily Paper Craft Idea

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