Heart Bee Craft

Heart Bee Craft Idea for Kids

This heart bee craft is both a craft and a super cute Valentines day card kids can easily make. You can make this craft to be “true to” bee’s colors or you can make it even more Valentinesy by changing the natural colors to reds, pinks and purples. *this post contains affiliate links* January and … Read more

Movable Heart Paper Doll

Movable Heart Paper Doll Craft for Kids

Print out our movable heart paper doll and let it flap it’s love wings. Just in time for a Valentine’s day, this activity is great to do either at home or in the classroom. *this post contains affiliate links* It’s been a while since we made a movable doll, but we do love them oh … Read more

Craft Stick Flowers

Craft Stick Flowers Craft

These craft stick flowers make the most adorable diy mother’s day or Valentines day cards. The little heart shaped flower opens up and reveals a hidden message within. *this post contains affiliate links* We love all the colors the spring brings! Oh and the flowers! These craft stick flowers are perfect either for Valentines (the … Read more

Heart Paper Bracelets for Kids – Printable Template

DIY Printable Heart Paper Bracelets for Kids

Make this Valentines day a stylish one with these heart paper bracelets for kids. This cool paper bracelet can be taken on and off many times so it will be in use for quite some time. Print out or project template, let your kids get super creative with designing their piece of paper bracelet and … Read more

Tulip in a Heart Card

Tulip in a Heart Card Valentines Day Craft

Be still my heart! This tulip in a heart card is the cutest card your kids can make, either for Valentine’s day or mother’s day. Open up the card and a heart will reveal itself, along with a nice 3D pop up tulip flower. *this post contains affiliate links* This is one of those crafting … Read more