Pinecone Winter Owls Craft

Pinecone Winter Owls Craft for Kids

I wanted to do these for a while now and I’m pretty excited at how this pinecone winter owls craft turned out! They are adorable! We made a few crafts with pinecones already, like these fun pinecone hedgehogs so owls were a must! *this post contains affiliate links* These lovely critters will make a fun … Read more

Pinecone Turkey Craft

Pinecone Turkey Craft

Turkey crafts continue and this time we made a leaves and pinecone turkey craft! If you haven’t yet seen our toilet paper roll turkey do check it out as that one too utilises materials from the nature. Pinecone Turkey Craft Materials pinecone leaves brown and yellow paper googly eyes glue scissors play dough (optional) How … Read more

Pinecone Hedgehogs

Pinecone Crafts - Pinecone-Hedgehogs

Have a bunch of pinecones and don’t know what to do with them? Why not make a whole bunch of little pinecone hedgehogs? Crafting with natures materials is always fun – we love to do crafts with rocks, cones, twigs and all sorts of other things! *this post contains affiliate links* Pinecone Hedgehog – Fun … Read more