Swirly Paper Jellyfish Craft for Kids

Swirly Paper Jellyfish Craft

Wiggly and squiggly, but oh so cute! In this easy-to-follow tutorial, we will show you how to make a swirly paper jellyfish craft for kids. This is a wonderful classroom project (or a craft to do at home) for when your kids are learning about ocean animals or specifically about jellyfish. It’s a fun one … Read more

Simple Cupcake Liner Jellyfish Art Idea

Easy Cupcake Liner Jellyfish Craft

Welcome summer in your home (or classroom) with this super simple cupcake liner jellyfish art idea. This is a fun and inexpensive summer craft that can easily be done by kids of all ages. All you need are cupcake liners (which can be swapped by paper circles) and paper. googly eyes, glue, and crayons. *This … Read more

Jellyfish Coloring Pages

One of the more mysterious sea dwellers is certainly fun to color as you can use all the colors of the rainbow. So go on, grab these printable jellyfish coloring pages and embark on a colorful coloring journey.   Printable Jellyfish Coloring Pages What do you know about jellyfish? What we know is they come … Read more

How to Draw a Jellyfish – Step by Step Drawing Tutorial

Jellyfish Directed Drawing Guide

Are you ready to learn how to draw a jellyfish? Our simple step by step drawing tutorial will show you how you can draw your very own cartoon-like jellyfish. It’s super simple to draw and you will end up with an adorable looking little sea dweller. *This post contains affiliate links* How to Draw a … Read more

Tissue Paper Jellyfish Craft

Tissue Paper Jellyfish

What we love the most about this tissue paper jellyfish craft is how it dances in the air! Hang it on a string and watch the magic every time there is a breeze (or the air conditioning is on). This summer craft for kids is a quick project – which makes it perfect for rainy … Read more