Handprint Hedgehog Craft

Handprint Hedgehog Craft for Kids

We know, we know… You need another wonderful hedgehog craft in your life, we do to so today we are showing you how to make this wonderful handprint hedgehog craft. As you can really never have enough hedgehog (or handprint) art ideas, can you. *this post contains affiliate links* We love making handprint crafts that … Read more

Paper Strips Hedgehog

Hedgehog Paper Craft for Kids

hedgeWe do love making all kinds of cool projects using construction paper strips, especially 3D paper crafts, and so we are excited to share this paper strips hedgehog craft with you. This fall craft is perfect as for kindergarten kids to make, as they can practice their scissors skills as well as make a wonderful … Read more

Hedgehog Pop Up Card

Hedgehog Pop Up Card Paper Craft

We are making a simple hedgehog pop up card today that is geared towards younger kids (kindergarteners and even younger kids will manage making this one). Ready for this fun fall project? Let’s start! *This post contains affiliate links* We love crafts that pop, and following our fun peacock pop up card we though a hedgehog … Read more

Hedgehog Pop Up Paper Craft

Hedgehog Pop Up Paper Craft for Kids

Ready to get crafty again? We absolutely love animals, so this time we’ve got a cute free printable Hedgehog Pop Up Paper Craft for kids to put together. The printable pop-up templates are always fun and easy to make, so let’s get those creative hands busy! *this post contains affiliate links* In some of the countries, these … Read more

Paper Rosette Hedgehog

Paper Rosette Hedgehog

Time for another hedgehog craft idea! This time we are making a paper rosette hedgehog craft (well half the rosette) and it really couldn’t have been a cuter one. Perfect to make at home or to use as a classroom project or decoration! You can make the whole rosette too!*this post contains affiliate links* Fall … Read more