Hedgehog Pop Up Paper Craft

Ready to get crafty again? We absolutely love animals, so this time we’ve got a cute free printable Hedgehog Pop Up Paper Craft for kids to put together.

The printable pop-up templates are always fun and easy to make, so let’s get those creative hands busy!

Printable Hedgehog Pop Up Paper Craft for Kids

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In some of the countries, these adorable small mammals are well protected, so it’s our duty to keep them safe. Even though the hedgehogs are nocturnal animals, we sometimes get the opportunity to see those lovely creatures at day time.

Hedgehogs are also omnivorous, which means they eat plants and other animals. Even though you’d think they can’t move so quickly, they can run really, really fast which is pretty spectacular.

So let’s get crafty and greet this little fellow!

We have two versions available – enjoy coloring the black and white template or simply print out the pre-colored version of the pop-up hedgehog craft.

You will find all the necessary pop-up paper craft steps on how to put the hedgehog together in the instructions below.

The hedgehog uses a pull-out mechanism, which means, it will pop open when you’ll pull its tail.

There are also 3 hedgehog-puns to make the craft even cuter! When you pull the hedgehog mechanism a cool hedgehog-themed pun will pop out.

The first pun goes: “You’re Looking Sharp Today”, the second one is a “How About a Hedge-Hug?” and the last one (where the hedgehog is holding an apple) is a “I Apple-Solutely Love You” pun.

If you want, you can write your own pun or some other text to pop out and glue it on the pop-out mechanism.

Watch the tutorial that will guide you through all of the steps and make your own pop-up hedgehog!

Printable Hedgehog Pop Up Paper Craft for Kids

How to Make this Hedgehog Pop Up Paper Craft

What you need:

  • a template – a black and white one or a pre-colored one (you will find them at the end of the tutorial)
  • printer
  • paper (we used a heavier print paper – 160 GSM).
  • scissors
  • glue
  • craft knife (adults only)
  • coloring medium for a black and white version of the template (crayons, markers, coloring pencils)

If you don’t have a heavier paper at home, you can simply print the template on a regular one and glue it onto another paper to make it thicker.

Watch The Video Tutorial


Or Follow These Step by Step Instructions on how to use our Hedgehog Pop Up Paper Craft Template

Choose and print out the version you like best.

Cut out all of the pieces on both pages of the chosen template.

We will start with the “adults only” part, where you need to use a sharp craft knife, so be really careful. Make a precise incision along the straight marked line to create a slit on the “box”.

Create another incision on the ellipse part of the hedgehog’s craft.

Continue with your craft knife, to make another slit below the hedgehog’s belly.

Now that you’ve made all of the slits, fold the hedgehog along the dashed lines using a craft stick (we simply did it with fingers).

Hold the part that you have just folded in your hands, and cut into the folded area (follow the marked lines) to create a pop-up mechanism.

“Open” the hedgehog by folding it in the opposite direction. Use your fingers to pop-out the incisions you’ve just made with the scissors to make it look like as in the image below.

What you need to do now is to fold the “semicircle-like” part with a craft stick (you can also use a ruler or your crafty fingers).

Create the hedgehog’s box by folding it along the lines.

We love to use our simple craft stick to make a good crease on the folds.

Apply some glue.

Put the ends together and “voila” – the box is done.

Now, apply some glue to the hedgehog’s tail.

Glue the tail onto the “semicircle-like” part that we’ve folded 6 steps before. Note that the long tail part (where it says glue) is applied directly to the rectangle of a “semicircle-like” part. The tail has to be glued face down onto that part.

Now insert the two pieces you’ve just glued into the hedgehog’s box and pull out its tail through the slit.

Continue with these Steps

We need to apply the hedgehog’s main part onto the “semicircle-like” part. Put some glue only onto the half of the ellipse. Be careful not to apply glue onto the pop-up mechanism (the one that you’ve made with the scissors).

It is also very important to apply the glue onto the accurate part of the ellipse. Apply it onto the part, that does not have the incision you’ve made with the craft knife.

Glue the ellipse part onto the “semicircle-like” part carefully.

Grab the hedgehog’s tail and slide it through the slit as seen in the image below.

We need to “cover up” the hedgehog, so apply some glue on the back of the box.

Glue the box on the ellipse, of course. 

The craft needs a mechanism for closing the hedgehog, so apply some glue onto the small “tail-like” part.

Slide the part inside of the box and glue it “onto” the area where the tail was applied. 

Continue with the “tail-like” part and slide it through the slit (this part has to come out at the back of the craft).

Now it’s time to decorate our awesome hedgehog. Put some glue onto the pop-out mechanism.

Finally, choose your favorite pun from the template (or your own caption) and glue it onto the mechanism.

Close the hedgehog by pulling the “tail-like” part from the back of the craft, and open it, by pulling its tail.

The printable hedgehog paper craft is done.

Printable Hedgehog Pop Up Paper Craft

Hedgehog Pop Up Paper Craft for Kids


Get the Printable Hedgehog Pop Up Template Here

Click here to get the black and white version —> Black and White Hedgehog Pop Up Card Template

Click here to get the colored version —> Colored Hedgehog Pop Up Card Template

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