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Pom pom mania continues! Today we’re making a cute chick pom pom craft which you can make as a Easter decoration (thinking bunny should be next? ūüôā .

This one is quite adorable and pretty easy to make so you can make a few in no time – they are a nice little decoration for Easter basket or a nice little gift to give to friends or family.

Adorable Pom Pom Chick Craft - perfect for Easter

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Cute Chick Pom Pom Craft

Orange Felt
Yellow Felt
Yellow Yarn (Red Heart was used in Bright Yellow Color)
google eyes
hot glue

Supplies for pom pom chick

Make two pom poms (there are many techniques you can use to make them, you can check the “book method” here.

Parts of Chick
Head was wrapped 100 times around four fingers, secured, cut and trimmed. Body was wrapped 150 times around fingers, secured, cut and trimmed.

Tie the body and head together, and trim the ends.

Tie the Pom Poms Together

Using orange felt, cut out two small triangles for a mouth.

Using yellow felt, cut out two yellow wings.

Using hot glue, attach beak, eyes and wings to your chick.

All done and ready to be displayed or played with!

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