Surprise Dinosaurs Egg Cards

What child doesn’t love discovering a fresh dinosaur egg? With these Surprise Dinosaurs Egg Cards, the sky is the limit. You can sit down with your child and enjoy this fun creative time with them!

Surprise Dinosaurs Egg Cards Templates

You can say goodbye to boring crafts and hello to crafts that help your child learn and be creative. This dinosaur craft can easily take your child to a creative place where they can play and enjoy being a kid.

How to Make These Surprise Dinosaurs Egg Cards



What you need: 

Step by Step Tutorial

You don’t need to be super creative to make these egg cards! Anyone can make these, it just takes a little time and patience.

Check out this adorable little dinosaur. All of the templates are available in color and to color. Whichever template you choose, go ahead and start cutting it out.

Go ahead and fold along the dashed line on the top of the template as shown below.

Next, you are going to fold the template by aligning the top dashed line and the bottom one. As you can see, it lines up really nice.

Go ahead and fold very firmly so that the folds are *crisp.*

As you can see the egg is adorable!

Press down one more time to make the fold stay.

Now gently pull the edge of the egg to see what happens.

Surprise Dinosaurs Egg Cards

SURPRISE the fun dino pops out. There are so many fun activities you can do with these Surprise Dinosaurs Egg Cards. You can keep them for yourself or you can hand them out.

Surprise Dinosaurs Egg Craft

If you are stuck in an arts and crafts rut and don’t know what to do, choose this craft. If you don’t have a printer that prints out color, then you can easily print this template without the color. Allow your child to color it how they’d like. From there, you can simply enjoy the craft!

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