Adorable Cork Chicks Craft Idea (cute as fingerprint art too)

Spring and chicks go hand in hand and we are super excited to share this adorable cork chicks art and craft idea with you.

This one truly is one of the simplest Easter or spring projects you can do, and while these were made using a cork as stamping tool there are many different ways you can make these – like you could use a dot dauber, bottle caps or even your fingers.Cork Chicks Easter Craft for Kids #Eastercrafts #chickscrafts #corkcrafts

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If you are busy planning your kids activities for Easter this cork chick Easter craft idea is perfect both for young ones to make and for older kids and kids at heart as however you turn it it’s insanely easy to make and looks beyond adorable.

It can make a wonderful classroom project, with each of the students making their own little chick on a big canvas, so you end up with a wonderful display of little Easter chicks (no need to keep them all yellow either).

They also look really great as Easter cards or if you are having a party, they would make the most adorable addition to your place holders.

Cork Chicks Easter Craft for Kids to Make

Adorable Cork Chicks Art and Craft Idea

What you need:

  • wine cork (not a wine lover? we get our corks at the store, they are frugal and make great stamps)
  • small canvas
  • yellow paint (non toxic washable paint for younger ones, acrylic craft paints for older ones)
  • black marker
  • orange paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • paint brush (optional)

Step By Step Instructions

Dip the cork into yellow paint, if too much paint gets on the cork you can wipe it on the paper towel or dab the cork on the paper towel – thicker paint tends to do this so you can add a bit of water to it.

Dab the end with color onto the canvas, making a yellow circle (yay your cork chick is about to be born).

Repeat as many times as needed, just remember to space them out just enough to also add the wings (if you so wish, as they look adorable with or without wings).

Let the paint dry a bit before you continue.

While you are waiting for the paint to dry, cut beaks out of orange paper. If you want their beaks to be open, cut diamond shapes and fold them in half. Younger kids can simply cut smaller triangles or just paint the beaks.

Take a black marker and draw legs and eyes on your cork stamped chicks.

Glue on beaks.

Easter Cork Chicks Craft for Kids

Easter Cork Chicks Craft


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