Silly Paper Masks

Making your own mask is pretty cool so grab one of our printable silly paper masks and let the kids each pick out their favorite.

Silly Paper Masks

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The most light-hearted day of the year – April Fools’ Day is near, so we made these silly masks for you to wear and play funny jokes everywhere you go.

Silly Paper Masks Craft for Kids

We are super excited to follow you through the steps of assembling your mask, so let’s start.

Silly Paper Masks Craft for Kids


How to Make Silly Paper Masks

What you need:

  • scissors
  • stretch yarn
  • toothpick

Step by Step Instructions

Print out our templates provided at the end of this post.

You can use the color versions or the black and white ones and then color them with colors of your choice.

Cut out the mask shapes.

Step 001


You can make a small hole before continuing with scissors to help yourself with cutting the holes out.

Step 002


Using your scissors, make holes for the eyes where marked.

Step 003



Cut them out nicely. 

Step 003-1


Do this with all the masks if you’re making more of them at the same time.

Step 003-2


Take the toothpick and make holes through the black dots on each side.

Step 004


Thread some stretch yarn through one hole (start from the back side of the mask) and make a firm knot. 

Step 005


Measure around your head so you know what length you need the yarn to be, then cut it out.

Step 006


Thread the other stretch yarn’s end through the second hole and tie a firm knot.

Step 006-1


Done! This wasn’t a demanding project, right?

Silly Paper Masks Craft for Kids


Now go put your mask on! See how funny you look! 

Silly Paper Masks Craft for Kids


Get ready to trick your family, friends, and neighbors and have a silly laugh!

Silly Paper Masks Craft for Kids


Maybe you can host a high-spirited party at your house too.

Silly Paper Masks Craft for Kids


After that, feel free to write and tell us what were the silliest pranks you made for April Fools’ Day.

Silly Paper Masks Craft for Kids


See you soon with more jolly crafts!

Silly Paper Masks Craft for Kids to Make


Stay tuned!

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Printable Silly Masks

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