Shark Paper Toy

The summer is perfect to get creative and make some ocean animals, so this time we’ll show you how to make your own Shark Paper Toy.

Paper Shark Box Craft

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You know we love Shark Crafts and we have a bunch of fun projects to share (check out our Printable Shark Puppet and make a neat Shark Corner Bookmark).

DIY Shark Paper Box Craft

Today we are sharing these awesome shark surprise boxes with you.

We bet you have never made themed boxes with treats inside for celebrating your birthday at school before!

Box Paper Shark Craft

And guess what? We still love to make them for our shark-themed birthdays, put some treats inside them, and gift them to our friends – they are really happy and excited when they get the boxes.

Paper Sharks Box Craft

So, if you find this project intriguing enough, jump right in and join us crafting.

Sharks Paper Box Craft

How to Make a Shark Paper Toy

What you need:

  • blue cardstock
  • red cardstock
  • white cardstock
  • glue
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • black liner

Materials Used

Let’s start!

Step by Step Tutorial

The Body

Draw a 4 x 4 cm square on the blue cardstock.

1 Step 1

Draw three squares of the same size vertically.

2 Step 2

Now draw two squares on each side of the second vertical square.

3 Step 3

Now draw the seven 1 x 4 cm rectangles you see on the picture (we marked them with dashes for guidance).

4 Step 4

Take your scissors and cut the whole shape out.

5 Step 5

Make some folds where the black lines are so you can assemble the box.

Put some glue on the back of the side rectangles only (the ones that are parallel to each other).

6 Step 6

Assemble the box.

7 Step 7

This is how the box should look when closed.

8 Step 8

This is how the box should look when opened.

9 Step 9

The Mouth

Draw a 4 x 4 cm red square.

10 Step 10

Cut it out.

11 Step 11

Glue the square on the front part of the box. Notice that the back part of the box is the side that opens.

12 Step 12

The Teeth

Draw some shark teeth.

Make the two jawlines 4 cm long and 0,5 cm high, then draw five teeth on each jaw.

13 Step 13

Cut the teeth out.

14 Step 14

Glue the teeth on the red square, parallel to each other.

15 Step 15

The Eyes

Draw two shark eyes.

Make sure to leave a small part at the bottom of the eyes so you can make a fold. Cut out the eyes.

16 Step 16

Fold the bottom part of the eyes, apply some glue on it, and attach the eyes on top of the head, near the center of the square.

17 Step 17

The Fins and Tail

On the blue cardstock, draw two side fins, two back fins, and two tails. Leave small parts at the bottom of them so you can make folds.

18 Step 18

Cut them out using scissors.

19 Step 19

Leave the side fins on the side, divided; glue the back fins together and glue the tails together.

Then fold their bottom parts and apply some glue on them.

20 Step 20

Glue the tail on the back of the shark.

Glue the back fin right behind the eyes on the top of the head.

21 Step 21

Apply some glue on the side fins and glue them on each side of the shark’s body.

22 Step 22


DIY Paper Shark Box Craft

Hope you love these surprise boxes.

Shark Paper Box 3D Craft

We also have crab and crocodile themed ones and of course, you can always come up with your authentic designs as well.

DIY Paper Sharks Craft

Enjoy your paper box shark craft.

Paper Shark Box Craft Idea

Happy crafting!

Get your Shark Paper Toy Template Here

Shark Paper Toy

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