How To Remove Limescale From Taps

We have been using this method forever as we never manage to buy a tap that would easily be dissembled and cleaned. This how to remove limescale from taps method is natural as when it comes to cleaning agents we try our best to go easy on the environment – either by buying eco-friendly products or making our own. Naturally this also works on shower caps.

How to Remove Limescale from Taps
Florian Villesèche via Dollar Photo Club

How to Remove Limescale From Taps and Shower Caps

If you live in an area that has hard water (as we do) a limescale build up – especially on the tap filter is something you are well aware of. We have to clean it often and as our pipe can’t be easily disassembled this is what we do;

Cleaning a Tap

Pour some white vinegar into a plastic bag and  secure it around the pipe with a cooking band (or any other band really). If you don’t want to use up this much vinegar you can also soak a cotton ball in the vinegar press it onto the filter and secure with a plastic bag and a cooking band – this will clean the filter equally. Leave it on the pipe for a while. I suggest no more than 5-10 minutes  at a time as after all vinegar is an acid ,even if it’s a mild one, and leaving it on for longer time could damage the coating on your pipes (as any other store bought cleaning product could). This naturally depends on the quality and type of your tap). If you have “unbelievable” amounts of limescale you might need to rinse and repeat the procedure.

While the smell of vinegar is not one of my favorites the plastic bag, if secured tightly enough, will make it bearable (if you’re fine with vinegar smell then that’s not a problem at all).

Remove Limescale from Taps with DIY Natural Cleaner
Florian Villesèche via Dollar Photo Club


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