Valentines Day Printable Decor

I wasn’t always a romantic soul but I admit I am more and more of a V-day sucker each year – in all ways – the super cheesy one to the laugh your socks off fun stuff. But this one is more of a cheesy one – you know a sweet Valentines day printable you can put into a frame and put on a table or a shelf.

Valentines Day Free Printable

Valentines Day Printable

So I got my frame from Ikea (ah the cheap simplicity) and created this adorable printable to spread some love! I says what it needs to say – All You Need is Love and for that one day in the year we can pretend that’s true! It certainly makes life a whole lot nicer but you know a slice of bread and some water here and there should also be added to the “all you need” list – but that probably wouldn’t sound all that fancy :).

Now this printable has a very DIY look to it because of the “watercolor” effect so from a far you can pass this on as a hand made creative piece of art (I use the term art here very, very loosely haha).

Enjoy and have a great Valentines Day – well and every other day of the year as each and every one of them should be filled with love.

Get the Valentines Day Printable

Valentines Day Printable

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