Printable Monster Envelopes

Bring a bit of silly to your letters – send them in style with these printable monster envelopes! Perfect to send out your Halloween party invitations or just to make someone’s day.

We have one colored and one to color, so your kids can personalize them however they see fit.

Printable Monster Envelopes Halloween Crafts for Kids

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We have a set of printable silly animal envelopes and constantly get asked when we will be adding more envelope designs to our website, so what better time than just before Halloween to introduce these monster designs.

They come with many decorative additions – tentacles, horns, extra legs and more to take them to a whole new level of silly! You can add these add-ons or just have a monster envelope without them. Your choice (although if you plan to mail them, we do suggest the add-on-less version).

As mentioned, there is a pre-colored version but we really do hope your kids will go for the black and white outlined version they can color in by themselves. There are many ways to make a crazy looking monster that way, and not just by using colors, glitter and other material can be added too.

We hope these templates will inspire your kids to also start with a “blank canvas”, outlining the envelope on a piece of paper and start designing their own monster creations.

Cute Printable Monster Envelopes Halloween Craft Idea for Kids

Printable Monster Envelopes

What you need

  • our printable template (you can grab it at the end of this tutorial)
  • paper
  • printer
  • scissors
  • glue
  • coloring supplies

Any other fun element welcome – glitter, pom poms…

Watch the Video Tutorial

Or Follow the Step by Step Instructions

Print out our monster envelope templates – either the outlined version or precolored one (or both). Regular print paper will work, we do recommend heavier print paper if you are going to use markers as they tend to bleed through and wrinkle the paper.

If your kids decided to go with the outlined version and color it, let them color in all the monster body parts and envelope before cutting the parts out. This will make the coloring easier.

Once colored, or if you went with the pre-colored version, cut out the envelope (and other body pieces).

Fold the envelope, score along the folds to really make them crisp, and apply glue on the sides.

Decide which monstrous body parts (or none) will make your monster awesome and add them to the envelope. The more the merrier.

All that’s left to do is to add a personalized note inside your monster envelope and send it or give it to your friends and family. These are great as party invites too!

Printable Monster Envelopes

Grab the Printable Monster Envelopes Here

Click to open the Monster Envelopes Template

We would love for you to snap a photo of your envelopes and share them with us on Instagram by either taging @easypeasyandfun or using #easypeasyandfun (or both). Have fun!

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