Printable Christmas Envelopes

Letter to Santa deserves a special twist this year, and with these festive printable Christmas envelopes we’re going to do just that!

You can print any or all of these festive characters and send your letters in style.

Printable Christmas Envelopes - Santa, Rudolph the Reindeer, Elf and Snowman. There is also a set of black and white ones for kids to color*this post contains affiliate links*

Printable Christmas Envelopes

While I was creating a wonderful set of silly animal envelopes, I though why not also give the festive envelopes a go!

Who wouldn’t want to send their letter to Santa (and friends in family) in style? I know I want to.

Adorable Christmas Printable Envelopes for Kids to Make. Such a fun Christmas activity for kids at home or in classroom.

These are a spin of of our Christmas cootie catchers (+ the snowman to replace the present), and I think they turned out quite amazing.

You can have both the regular or the decorated version with little festive hands, feet, antlers, twigs and hoofs.

All of these Christmas envelopes also come in black and white for your kids to go all creative on them. I mean who said Santa has to be wearing red?

You can print these on regular print paper or heavier print paper.

Christmas Envelopes

How to Make the Envelopes


Printable Snowman Envelope

Kicking the collection of, we have a fun looking little snowman DIY envelope.

This little fellow comes with it’s own accessories, a little hat to put on it’s head and a set of twig hands. Print the color version or black and white one and let the letter writing fun begin.

Printable Snowman Envelope

Let’s build and mail a snowman. I do think the carrot nose is pretty sweet don’t you?
Color version: Snowman Envelope

Black and white version: Snowman Envelope Black and White

Printable Santa Envelope

We can not have a collection of printable Christmas envelopes without the man of this festive holiday.

What better way to ask Santa for what you want this year (and to say you have been nice and not naughty) than to send it in a Santa decorated envelope?

Decorate it with little hands and if you are feeling extra creative, why not design a little gift out of paper and add that one too.

Printable Santa Envelope

Quickly print this festive fellow.

Santa Envelope Color

Santa Envelope Black and White

Printable Elf Envelope

Now while Santa and his deer are super important, there really wouldn’t be any gifts to deliver without Santa’s little helpers, the elfs.

These little cuties work hard all year round to prepare all the gifts for Santa to deliver worldvide so it was a no braier they had to be included in this printable Christmas envelopes set.

The pre colored version sure is fun, but I really hope your kids will go for the black and white one as this one is where they really can get creative with coloring it in.

Printable Elf Envelope

Making sure all the gits are ready in time is this little Santa’s helper.

Elf Envelope

Elf Envelope Black and White

Printable Reindeer Envelope

This one is hands down my favorite from the bunch. Raise your hands if you are a fan of Rudolph (we’re in love).

One of the all time favorite Christmas characters, this one naturally had to have it’s place in this collection and is a great one both for kids and kids at heart. It brings smiles on people’s faces.

Perfect to use to send out your Christmas cars or to set on the table for your Christmas party.

This one actually comes with both antlers AND ears and legs that are not seen on the photo.

Printable Reindeer Envelope


Get this guy here;

Reindeer Envelope

Reindeer Envelope Black and White

And that makes our festive printable Christmas envelopes set complete. Made these? Or any other craft you’d like to share with us? Why not join our new Facebook group?

Printable Christmas Envelopes for Kids

Printable Christmas Envelopes for Kids

Christmas Printable Envelopes

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