Printable Crocodile Puppet

There has never been a sweeter crocodile craft in the world than this Printable Crocodile Puppet. You and your kids can make this easy craft together!

This crocodile character will easily come to life thanks to the child who is creating it. Perhaps one of the most beautiful wonders of a puppet is the fact that you can create a fun personality for it!

Printable Crocodile Puppet - paper craft for kids

As you can see, using a template, this Printable Crocodile Puppet is so easy to bring to life! Once he is constructed and put together, kids can work on their speaking and listening skills.

How to Make This Printable Crocodile Puppet

What you need:

Step by Step Tutorial

Don’t worry about this being a complicated craft to complete. In fact, it’s super easy to put together!

Start by printing out the template and laying it out, so you can see the directions.

Go ahead and cut out the crocodile template. You will also cut out the strips of paper that read “strap.”

Make sure you cut along the black lines to avoid making any mistakes.

Fold along the dotted lines on the pieces of paper that say strap. You are also going to fold the crocodile down in the middle where you see the dotted lines.

Using the dotted lines as a guide. You are going to fold the crocodile back up, so his eyes are facing up.

Fold the bottom part of the body along the dotted lines as well.

Next, you are going to start gluing on the straps. Make sure you arch the straps.

One strap is going to go on the top part of the fold.

The other strap is going to go on the bottom part of the fold.

As you can see, this puppet is ready to go! Your child can play for hours and hours thanks to this puppet. The first step is naming the puppet.

Printable Crocodile Puppet

Get the Crocodile Puppet

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