Polar Bear Paper Roll Craft

Are you ready to make a craft that will provide hours of fun? We are introducing a fun Polar Bear Paper Roll Craft.

Follow the simple steps provided, and you will be able to create your polar bear craft that any child would love.

Polar Bear Paper Roll Craft

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DIY Polar Bear Paper Craft

You can use this craft as a way to learn about polar bears! 

Polar Bear Pom Pom Paper Roll Craft

Your child will enjoy learning facts about these fantastic creatures, such as polar bears are classified as marine mammals.

White Bear Paper Roll Craft

Another fun fact is that Polar bears can also swim for days at a time!

How to Make the Polar Bear Paper Roll Craft

What your need:

  • printable template
  • scissors
  • glue
  • pencil
  • black marker
  • paper roll
  • color papers (white, beige, and black)
  • five white pom-poms
  • one black pom-pom
  • googly eyes
  • eyeshadow powder
Materials Used

Step by Step Tutorial

First, make sure to have all the materials you will need.

Next, take your white paper and wrap it around your paper roll until it fully covers it.

Step 1

Glue the white paper to the paper roll!

Step 2

Cut out the polar bear template to begin making the craft.

Step 3

Once you cut out the polar bear’s head and ears, you can trace them on construction paper.

You can also use the printed template parts, so you don’t need to trace them.

Step 4

You will want to use beige color paper for the nose and the belly.

Step 5

Draw black spots in the ears.

Step 6

Draw the polar bear’s mouth.

Step 7

Start assembling the polar bear’s face.

Glue the googly eyes, the ears, and the pom-pom nose.

Step 8

Take a q-tip, dip it into eyeshadow, and then blush the bear cheeks.

Step 9

Now you are going to begin constructing the body of the polar bear.

Start by adding its tummy.

Step 10

You will glue the polar bear’s fully assembled head on top of the body.

Step 11

Start adding the white pom-poms to its body!

Step 12

We love how our polar bear paper roll craft turned out!

Step 13

Kids can use different shades of color papers to make various polar bears.

Polar Bear Paper Roll Winter Craft

They can make a whole family of bears.

Paper Roll Polar Bear Craft

You can use your polar bear craft to place coloring supplies into the paper roll as well.

DIY Polar Bear Paper Roll Craft

Have fun crafting!

Polar Bear Paper Craft

And enjoy winter!

Polar Bear Paper Roll Craft Idea

More ideas for making a toilet paper roll polar bear craft

No pom poms? No worries! Paint the paper roll white or wrap and glue white paper around it. If you want to dress up the bears, use a blue (or other) paint or paper on the lower part of the body.

Cut two smaller circles for the ears and a larger oval shape for the snout, draw in details and glue to the body. Draw a pair of eyes.

Crafting with older kids? Give them a challenge. Have them make the polar bear’s fur with torn paper or tissue paper. This requires good fine motor skills and some patience, so it gives older kids a proper challenge. And it looks great!

Get Your Polar Bear Paper Roll Craft Template Here

Polar Bear Paper Roll Craft Template

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