Printable Pig Coloring Pages

Raise your hand if you love piggies! Grab this set of printable pig coloring pages for kids of for yourself and be sure to stock up on pink crayons.

As with all of our coloring page sets, there is a whole lot of variety – from cute pigs to more realistic ones, from simple pig coloring pages for toddlers and preschool to more detailed ones for older kids.

Pig Coloring Pages

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Printable Pig Coloring Pages

We’re sharing many of the designs for free, so go ahead and print them. The whole set is available in our membership library. Want even more? We’ve got hundreds of coloring pages – many of them free – waiting for you.

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Free Printable Pig Coloring Pages

These cute pig coloring sheets are appropriate for pre-K, kindergartners, and older kids.

We’re sharing ten free pig coloring pages just click the “Get it here” button and print the PDF.

Hungry Pig Coloring Page

Hungry Pig Coloring Page

This one has a plate full of food. Are those potatoes? Chocolate chip cookies? Vegetables? Let your kids’ crayons decide.

Dancing Couple

Lady and Gentleman Pig

Nothing beats a silly design and this one sure is silly. Mr Pig with a cane and a dancing princess piggy.

Piggy on a hot day

Pig on a Hot Sunny Day

This little guy didn’t find any mud to cover his body and is now sitting directly under the sun while the drops of sweat are sliding down his face.

Juggling Apples

Juggling Pig Coloring Sheet

Our little farm friend has a lot of balance and coordination as far as juggling food is concerned.

Easy Pig Coloring Pages

Cute and Easy Pig Coloring Page

Big and easy to color in spaces make this one perfect for the little hands.

Pig in Flower Field

Pig Surrounded by Flowers

Another perfect design for children who love animals and nature. A cute pig is standing amidst a colorful field of flowers with clouds above.

Easy Happy Pig Coloring Sheet

Cartoonish Pig Coloring Page

We’re sure this pig coloring page will captivate your kids’ hearts. The sitting pig wearing a tiny hat on its head includes broad areas for coloring and will be great for a younger audience. We’re sure kids will add some artistic details to it too.

Piggy Coloring Page

Piggy Coloring Sheet

The playful illustration will look great in vivid colors, and we’re sure it will be great for the youngest.

Dancing Lady Piggies

Dancing Lady Pigs Coloring Sheet

These two delightful lady pigs will surely make your kids smile. They are dressed in cute skirts, dancing their hearts out.

Resting in the Starry Night

Pig Resting

Our cute friend is napping right on a path amidst the grass. The peaceful atmosphere includes bushes in the background, while a moon and some stars highlight the scene.

Member Pig Coloring Pages

We are excited to invite you to join our membership and gain access to the complete set of 30 pig coloring pages (check out the previews below).

Our coloring pages are designed to provide a fun and educational activity for children, and we believe they can be a valuable addition to any learning environment.

As a member, you will have unlimited access to our entire collection of pig coloring pages as well as over a thousand other printables.

Angel Pig

Angel Pig Coloring Sheet

What a heavenly sight of a pig with angel wings and a halo above its head.

Pig Waving

Happy Piggy

Have your artists bring another delightful pig to life! Our cute friend is sitting and waving at us with its hoof.

Life on Farm

Pig Living on a Farm

Our next one from this set of pig coloring pages will take your kids to a peaceful scene and rustic farm setting.

Happy Farm Animal

Smiling Pig

Look at this cute pig coloring sheet!

Enjoying the Nature

Pig Outdoors

Dive into the pig’s world and have kids color the cheerful pig on a cloudy day with a big smile on its face.

Cute and Easy Pig Coloring Pages

Happy Pig Coloring Page

Have your children color this fellow with any colors they want. After that, you can frame the image and place it anywhere. Perfect one for toddlers and preschoolers.

Hungry Pig

Hungry Baby Pig

Someone is thinking about the delicious burgers and crispy french fries! Can you see the anticipation and hunger in the pig’s expression?

Pig and Rainbow

Pig and Rainbow Coloring Page

We have a cheerful pig enjoying the outdoors with a beautiful rainbow in the background for your kids to color.

Enjoying the Day

Pig in the Grass

This pig coloring sheet will come in handy the whole year round. Our pig friend is standing in the grass, enjoying life outdoors. Have kids color the entire page to the frame and make the pig pop out.

In the Forest

Alone in the Forest

Wow, what a cute baby piglet standing in a peaceful forest. Kids can let their creativity run wild as they color the piglet’s body, head, tail, and cheeks.

Adorable Pig Coloring Page

Cute pig coloring pages

Our next piggy is dressed to impress in a cozy winter hat and scarf. A super cute pig coloring page your kids will fall in love with.

Enjoying the Beach

Day on the Beach

What a sunny and relaxing scene we have for your children to color! Our happy friend is wearing trendy sunglasses to protect his eyes. A palm tree and a crystal-clear sea are in the background – perfect scenery for coloring!

On the Sofa

Pig in Sofa Coloring Page

Our piggy is taking a well-deserved break from a busy day. He is lounging on a sofa with a smile on his face.

Sleepy Pig

Sleeping Piggy

How cute is it to see a sleeping pig, right? Our little friend is tired and fell asleep on the floor with a cozy “night” sleep mask over his eyes. Can you see the letter “Z” floating around the pig?

Windy Day

Windy Day for a Pig

Pigs know how to predict the weather, so our piggy didn’t hesitate to wear a warm scarf on a windy day. Have your young artist color the scenery in whatever colors they love – from pastel shades to vivid colors. We know the result will be great!

Pig and Balloon Coloring Sheet

Pig in Love Coloring Page

Our pig friend is holding a heart-shaped balloon. The adorable piggy is spreading joy and happiness wherever it goes.

In the Company of Butterflies

Pig and Butterflies Coloring Sheet

Have your kids spend some time coloring our delightful pig coloring page. The cheerful piggy is enjoying its time in a beautiful meadow, surrounded by fluttering butterflies. Kids can add their touch to this adorable scene and color the page.

Pig and Shamrock

Finding a Shamrock

We think our piglet is feeling lucky as it holds a neat shamrock in its hoof. Have children color the pig’s cute snout and body with any colors they see fit. Don’t let them forget about the background; they can use browns, greens, or shades to create beautiful scenery.

Silly Pig Coloring Sheet

Silly Piglet Coloring Sheet

Say hello to our silly pig coloring sheet! Our farm friend is sitting down and looking as goofy as can be. Your kids can give it some personality by coloring it in whatever colors they like. They can use crayons, markers, or colored pencils – the choice is theirs.

Three Silly Piglets

Three Pigs Coloring Page

These three silly pigs will keep your kids smiling. You can talk about the unique expressions on their faces with your children. Have them color this fun pig coloring page.

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Pig Coloring Sheets

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