Peek-a-Boo Mother’s Day Craft Printable Template

Are you ready for the cutest Mother’s Day craft ever? Print out our Peek-a-Boo Mother’s Day craft template that can be personalized with a child’s photo or by them drawing a self-portrait. It can be a fun, no-prep last-minute Mother’s day activity to do with your class as well.

Note there’s also a version without Happy Mother’s Day included, so these can be used for any person and at any time of the year.

Printable Peek-a-Boo Mother's Day craft template

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What we love the most about this Mother’s Day craft, besides it being one you can personalize, is that it’s a crafty project that easily doubles up as a Mother’s Day card.

Peek-a-Boo Mother's Day craft

How to Make the Peek-a-Boo Mother’s Day Craft

What you need:

Step by Step Tutorial

Print out the template. We really recommend using heavier print paper/cardstock for this one, especially if you are using the whole-page template version.

There is a version where the kids draw in their faces or stick a photo in, as well as a coloring-only version that already has a face drawn on it.

Start by coloring in the template. Don’t forget to color the hands as well.

Your kids can either draw in their faces (self-portrait) or stick a photo of themselves inside the circle.

If using the photo, apply glue inside the hoodie and stick it in a photo.

Let’s continue. Cut out the hands.

Fold along the dashed lines on the hands.

Apply glue, either in the area marked with the word glue on the template sheet or on the back of the hands (the part that you folded).

Stick the hands on the area designated with the word glue.

Peek-a-Boo Mother's Day craft

All done! Your Peek-a-Boo Mother’s Day craft is complete.

Get Your Peek-a-Boo Mother’s Day craft template Here

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