Paper Plate Turkey Craft

If you’re looking for a fun fall or Thanksgiving craft why not make this paper plate turkey craft with leaves?

We love paper plate crafts as they are super easy to make and are inexpensive.

Paper Plate Turkey Craft with leaves

Paper Plate Turkey Craft

This craft is a perfect excuse to take a walk in the nature as you’ll have to gather some leaves – the more different kinds the better and in as many colors as possible – we managed to get brown, yellow and even red! If you gathered the leaves after a rainy day be sure to dry them thoroughly before you use them as they will curl afterwards if you don’t.

Start by glueing the leaves onto the paper plate starting with the outer circle (aka the biggest leaves) and working your way to the middle. You might need to press them down with something while the glue dries.

While the glue dries cut the turkey body shape out of brown cardstock paper. Add a beak and two googly eyes.

Glue on top of the leaves!

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Paper Plate Turkey Craft with Leaves

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