Paper Plate Shark Craft

Who is ready for shark week? We sure are, and we have a brand new paper plate shark craft tutorial ready for you to prove it. This simple shark craft is perfect for kids of all ages – it’s easy to make and turns out great.

You can easily make this at home or in the classroom; one of the huge benefits of paper plate crafts is that they are inexpensive, so they are perfect for crafting with larger groups.

Paper Plate Shark Craft for Kids

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Sharks are the perfect summer craft theme for kids of all ages. What’s not to love about these mighty predators? We sure love them (be sure to check out shark coloring pages or how to draw a shark tutorial for some more shark-themed fun).

Easy Shark Paper Plate Craft

How to Make the Paper Plate Shark

What You Need:

  • paper plate
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • blue paint
  • paintbrush
  • light blue color paper
  • black maker
  • one big googly eye

Step by Step Tutorial

You can make up to two sharks with a single paper plate.

Step 1

Cut the plate in half to create the shark’s body. If you want to make a rocking shark, have the kids fold the paper plate in half instead of cutting it.

Step 2

Have the kids paint the body of the shark. Paint a part of the body with a color that matches a shark (blue or gray for more realistic look or others for a fun twist).

Step 3

Cut out a shark’s fin from blue color paper. You can also have the kids paint a sheet of paper and use that instead of color paper.

Step 4

Glue it to the top of the plate. This makes the dorsal fin.

Step 5

To create another fin, have kids cut out a triangle from blue color paper and glue it where the white and blue parts of the shark’s body meet.

Step 6

For the tail, fold a piece of blue color paper in half and draw a fin shape.

Step 7

Have kids cut out the tail.

Step 8

Then, glue it to the back of the shark.

Step 9

Kids can draw the eyes on the shark’s head or use googly eyes. They can stick one googly eye to the shark’s head (both sides if you are making a rocking shark).

Step 10

To finish the paper plate shark craft, have them draw the mouth with sharp teeth.

Step 11

Also draw some gills and a nostril, too.

Step 12

This fantastic paper plate shark is done!

DIY Paper Plate Shark

More Shark Paper Plate Craft Ideas

There are many other ways your kids can easily make a paper plate shark. If you need a super quick craft, you can buy the blue paper plates and have your kids paint or glue the mouth, eyes and fins to make the craft.

If you want to focus on art more than craft, you can use the paper plate as a canvas. This will especially appeal to older kids.

Whatever way your kids will be making their shark crafts, we hope they will have a whole lot of fun.

Paper Plate Shark Craft Idea

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