Paper Plate Jellyfish Craft

Let’s make a paper plate jellyfish craft together! Jellyfish are one of the most spectacular inhabitants of the sea, and they make a great subject for summer arts and crafts with kids. This jellyfish craft is perfect for preschool and kindergarten, although we will share a few ideas on how to make it more challenging and interesting for older kids as well.

Paper plate crafts are perfect for crafting in the classroom or with other large groups, as they are inexpensive to make.

Paper Plate Jellyfish Craft

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Jellyfish are great to make as summer crafts. We’ve got plenty of other fun projects to share if your kids love these fun animals – be sure to check our cupcake liner jellyfish craft or how to draw a jellyfish.

Paper Plate Ocean Animal - Jellyfish Craft

Cute little creatures aren’t they?

Paper Plate Jellyfish

How to Make the Paper Plate Jellyfish Craft

What you need:

  • paper plate
  • tissue paper/crepe paper
  • paint
  • glue
  • scissors
  • paintbrush
  • black marker
  • two big googly eyes (optional)

Step by Step Tutorial

You will need one paper plate for one jellyfish. If you want to make this craft even more inexpensive you can also cut the paper plates in half and have kids make two jellyfish from one paper plate.

Step 1

Let the kids paint the paper plate in a color they want their jellyfish to be.

Step 2

Wait for the paint to dry, and then have the kids cut the bottom part of the paper plate in a wavy line to create the jellyfish’s lower edge.

Step 3

Glue two googly eyes onto the painted paper plate. If you don’t have those, you can make the eyes out of white paper and draw black spots on them. Or just paint them directly on the paper plate.

Step 4

Draw a smile using a marker.

Step 5

Time to make the tentacles. Cut strips of colorful tissue or crepe paper.

Glue the first strip to the back of the jellyfish.

Step 6

Continue with other paper strips. Your kids can use single color or have the tentacles in many colors.

Step 7

Wait for the glue to dry.

Step 8

You can glue yarn on the back of the paper plate jellyfish if you want to hang it. This way it will be dancing in the air.

Easy Paper Plate Jellyfish Craft

All done!

Paper Plate Jellyfish Summer Craft

More Jellyfish Paper Plate Craft Ideas

This craft works out equally cute if you use whole paper plates and don’t cut them in half.

You can also use the paper plate as a background, asking the kids to paint them like the sea (or in any other color they want) and then add a paper jellyfish on top of the paper plate.

You can challenge older kids to make a group of jellyfish on a single paper plate ribbons and cut fabric work out great as tentacles.

Paper Plate Jellyfish Craft Idea

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