Paper Caterpillar Craft – Paper Circles Crafts

We are making another fun bug craft today! You can do a whole lot of things with paper circles, even 3D things like this paper caterpillar craft.

Kids have this adorable fascination with punching paper so you just know you have a winner when they are required to punch a whole lot of paper circles in order to make this craft.

Adorable Caterpillar Paper Craft for Kids

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Preschoolers and kids in kindergarten are especially fond on punching so they will enjoy this project.

For younger kids we recommend you adapt the idea to include less circles and to use the biggest punch possible as this will make it easier for the small hands to handle.

Now back to our little caterpillar. We have a few caterpillar craft ideas that we already shared, and have a few more in line. These little creepy crawlers are more on the adorable side don’t you think?

We for one are fans and as there are quite a few great books about caterpillars out there, we thing this crafty activity will be a great addition to those.

This particular one can be used as a part of butterfly life cycle, as all other parts of the cycle can be made out of paper too.

Ready? Let’s make these cute little things!

Paper Caterpillar Craft

What you need;

  • paper in various colours – we think green, red and yellow work out great but there really are no rules!
  • circle punch – larger sizes make this craft easier
  • glue – stick glue is our pick for paper projects
  • wiggle eyes stickers – kids LOVE these
  • black marker
  • scissors

Wiggle eye stickers, although super fun, are completely optional for this project. Goggle eyes work out to be just as fun and simply drawing the eyes with a black marker does the job nicely too.

We have prepared both step by step instructions with descriptions and a video you can watch (to see these crawlies in action too).

Watch the Video Tutorial

Or Follow These Step by Step Instructions

Start by punching a whole lot of paper circles. We made the body of our caterpillar craft green and head red (we made another one with yellow head). Punch, punch, punch! The more paper circles, the merrier (well the longer the caterpillar).

Fold the circles in half.

Apply glue on a small area of the circle half.

Stick another circle (folded one) onto the first one. Apply a bit of glue on the small area of the circle half again. Stick on another circle.

Continue until you have a nice body length. Tip: you don’t need to aim for a straight line, you can make the body curvy. Now make a red circle (or any other color of your choosing).

Cut two antennae out of green paper and glue them on the red circle.

Add eyes and draw mouth.

Glue the head to the body of the caterpillar.

Your paper caterpillar craft made out of paper circles is all done!

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Adorable Paper Caterpillar Craft


Cute Paper Caterpillar Craft for Kids

Paper Caterpillar Craft for Kids

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