Ladybug Paper Craft

Grab your colorful papers and make a Ladybug Paper Craft with ease.

Children will love how this cute creature wobbles above the flower – it’s a perfect project for kids of all ages and great for springtime.

Ladybug Paper Craft

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Spring Projects are so fun; we love making them (check out our Ladybug Life Cycle Agamograph or create a Swirly Paper Ladybug Craft).

Make a step forward and learn How to Draw a Ladybug with our guided tutorial. We’re sure your kids are going to draw a neat one.

Paper Ladybug Spring Craft

In spring, flowers bloom, bugs fly all around, and we are crafting and enjoying it all in the garden.

Today, our project is a tiny ladybug that landed on a flower’s nose.

DIY Ladybug Paper Craft

We had so much fun doing this project – it turned out to be so heart-warming for us. Plus, it is a cute one.

So guys, if you decide to do this project, let us guide you through the steps.

DIY Ladybug on a Flower Craft

How to Make a Ladybug Paper Craft

What you need:

  • light blue cardstock
  • dark blue color paper
  • light green color paper
  • dark green color paper
  • plastic straw
  • scissors
  • glue
  • big googly eyes or big paper eyes
  • small googly eyes or small paper eyes
  • black marker
  • pencil (and an eraser to erase the pencil marks afterward)
  • black cardstock
  • red color paper
  • ruler with circle shapes
  • compass

Materials Used

Step by Step Tutorial

The Flower

Firstly, take the compass and draw a circle 8 cm diameter on the light blue cardstock.

Step 1
Cut out the circle with your scissors.

Step 2
Next, glue the circle on the dark blue color paper.

Step 3

The Petals

Take the ruler with circle shapes and draw eight flower petals around the light blue circle.

Step 4

We traced the circle with a 3,5 cm diameter.

You can draw the flower petals freehand if you don’t have a ruler with circle shapes.

Step 4-1
Continue by cutting out the flower with your scissors.

Step 5

The Stem

Take the plastic straw and trim it to 9 cm in length.

Step 6
Wrap a light green color paper around the straw and fix it with glue.

Step 7

If there is any excess paper, cut it off.

The green straw is the flower’s stem.

Step 7-1

The Leaves

Draw two leaves on the light green color paper.

Step 8

Cut the leaves out with your scissors.

Step 8-1
Glue the leaves on the stem as shown.

Step 9
On the dark green color, paper draw a tiny pot.

Cut the pot out with your scissors.

Step 10
Apply some glue on the back of the pot and glue it at the bottom part of the stem.

Step 11
Now take the stem, apply some glue on the top part of it and attach the flower.

Step 12
Cut out a piece of green paper – a rectangle – and secure the stem with it.

Step 13

The Ladybug’s Body

To make the ladybug, punch out one black circle and one red circle.

Step 14
Cut 1/3 of the red circle off and glue the remaining part on top of the black circle.

Step 15
Take the black marker and the ruler and draw a line to divide the red part in two.

Step 16

The Ladybug’s Dots

Now draw black circles on the red part, four on each side.

Step 17

The Wings

Take the ruler with a circle shape and draw two small circles on the red color paper. Our circles have 1,5 cm diameters.

Step 18
Now draw two rectangles (0,5 x 1,5 cm) touching the circles.

Step 19
Cut out the circles with the rectangles. The circles would be the wings, and the rectangles will help attach the wings to the ladybug’s body.

Step 20

Make a tiny vertical cut (0,5 cm) in the middle of the ladybug.

Use the needle of the compass to cut.

Step 21
Now push the rectangles through this cut.

Step 22

Flip the ladybug and glue the rectangles on the black circle.

Step 23
Separate the wings and press them a bit, so they look nice.

Step 24

Draw a black circle on each wing.

Step 25
Take the tiny paper/googly eyes and glue them on the ladybug’s head.

Step 26

The Antennae

Next, add two tiny black antennae to the ladybug’s head.

Step 27

The Ladybug’s Stand

Cut out one light blue strip (1 cm wide and 3 cm long) and fold it in a П shape.

Step 28

Next, you’ll glue the ladybug on one side of the П shape and then glue the other side of the П shape on the flower in the center.

Step 29

Wait until the glue dries, and then make the ladybug wobble using your index finger.

Step 29-1

The Flower’s Eyes and Mouth

Add the big paper/googly eyes on the flower’s head.

The ladybug should stand in between the eyes.

Step 30

Draw the flower a small black circle mouth.

Step 31
All done!

Paper Ladybug on a Flower Craft

We hope you had fun making your ladybug on a flower.

DIY Paper Ladybug Craft

Stay tuned for more!

Ladybug Paper Craft Idea

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Ladybug Paper Craft

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