Swirly Paper Ladybug Craft

Since we love ladybugs so much, we are really happy to share this swirly paper ladybug craft tutorial with you. It comes with a twist.

While this bug craft can be done without a template, we have created one for it (both single craft and classroom edition) that you can grab from our membership area.

Swirly Paper Ladybug Craft for Kids

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We find it really interesting that there are tons of ways to make a ladybug from the same materials – isn’t that awesome?

Swirly Paper Ladybug Craft for Kids to Make

We used paper again for our ladybug today and you can see how different she turned out from all of the other ladybugs we have created so far!

Swirly Paper Ladybug Craft for Kids

If you like ladybugs as much as we do (and we absolutely love them), go grab your tools and jump right in.

Swirly Paper Ladybug Craft for Kids

How to Make Swirly Paper Ladybug Craft


What you need:

Optional: template from our membership library 


  • green color paper
  • red color paper
  • black cardstock
  • glue or hot glue
  • self-adhesive googly eyes
  • scissors
  • black liner
  • pencil

Let’s craft!

Step by Step Instructions

Draw one leaf on the green color paper.

Step 1
Cut out the leaf using scissors.

Step 2
Cut out one red stripe (A4 landscape – cut vertically).

Step 3

Draw 8 freehand circles on the black cardstock.

Step 4
Cut out the black circles using scissors.

Step 5
Cut out 6 thin black cardstock rectangles.

Step 6
Draw a lady bug’s head on the black cardstock and extension below it.

Step 7
Cut out the head using scissors.

Step 8
Draw two antennae on the black cardstock with circles on top.

Step 9
Cut out the antennae using scissors.

Step 10
On the red color-paper draw a tiny smiling mouth.

Step 11
Cut out the tiny mouth using scissors.

Step 12
Apply some glue on the leaf and glue one end of the red stripe.

Step 13
Now form a circle with the red stripe, then seal with the glue.

Step 14
Form another circle with the red stripe and seal with the glue.

Step 15
Form the third circle with the red stripe, seal with glue and cut out the excess paper.

Step 16
Start adding the black dots. Add three dots on the first red circle.

Step 17
Add two black dots on the middle red circle and three black dots on the third red circle.

Step 18

Attach the legs (the thin rectangles).

Place three on each side of the lady bug’s body.

Step 19
Crease where marked (between the head and the extension) and glue the head.

Step 20
Add the two antennae on top of the head using glue.

Step 21
Glue the smiling mouth.

Step 22
Attach the self-adhesive googly eyes on the head.

Step 23

Swirly Paper Ladybug Craft for Kids
Our ladybug is ready to rest on this green leaf after a long flight today.

Swirly Paper Ladybug Craft for Kids to Make

So let’s make a safe space in our room and let her enjoy her life.

Swirly Paper Ladybug Craft for Kids to Make
Aren’t they adorable?

Swirly Paper Ladybug Craft for Kids to Make

Make as many as you want.

Swirly Paper Ladybug Craft for Kids to Make

Happy crafting!

Swirly Paper Ladybug Spring Craft Idea

Get the Swirly Ladybug Craft Template Here

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