How to Make a Cork Fairy House

As every fairy needs a home for themselves, we are going to show you How to Make a Cork Fairy House, a wonderful project to recycle the corks you might have laying around.

We didn’t paint ours, but you can make the fairy house pop by painting it.

How to Make a Cork Fairy House

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We love making homes for fairies, we already made this fun fairy rock house and turned mason jars into fairy houses.

This awesome idea popped into our heads today, as we watched Peter Pan, so we are so excited to show you how to make this house.

How to Make a Cork Fairy House for Kids

If you don’t like fairies, you can build this small house for your tiny toys to live in, just like our tiny pal Polly.

How to Make a Cork Fairy House Craft for Kids

How to Make a Cork Fairy House

What you need:

  • plenty of corks
  • cardboard
  • cardstock
  • circle plate
  • hot glue
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • crafting knife

Let’s start!

Materials Used

Step by Step Instructions

Make a circle on the cardstock using a plate and a pencil.

Step 1

Here is your circle.

Step 1-1

Cut out the circle using scissors.

Step 2-1

Mark a ¼ of the circle.

Step 3

Cut out that ¼ of the circle using scissors.Step 4

Your shape should look like this.

Step 4-1

Apply some hot glue on one edge and form a cone shape.

Step 5

Draw a circle on the cardboard using the cone and a pencil …

Step 6

Like this.

Step 6-1
Cut out the cardboard circle.

Step 7
Cut out circles from the corks using a cutting knife.

Step 8

And cut quite a few pieces.

Step 8-1

The cork circle should look like this – not too flat and not to thick.

Step 8-2
Start applying hot glue on the cone …

Step 9

… and start adding the cork circles around, …

Step 9-1

…  starting from the bottom up all the way to the top.

Step 9-2
Seal the top with one cork circle.

Step 10
Cut a few corks in half using a cutting knife. 

Step 11
Apply some hot glue on the cardboard circle and place the cork halves around it.

Step 12

Leave an opening for the door.

Step 12-1
Put some hot glue on the corks and attach the roof on.

Step 13
Take three cork circles and add them as a rug in front of the cork house.

Step 14
All done!

How to Make a Cork Fairy House Craft for Kids

You can see Polly standing in front of this house.

He will be living in this space peacefully.

Who did you place inside the house you made?

Feel free to send us pictures so we can see how this project turned out for you.

Was this project fun to make? Happy crafting and stay tuned for more fun crafts!

How to Make a Cork Fairy House Craft Idea


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