How to Draw Christmas Lights – Step by Step Drawing Tutorial

Get in the festive spirit by learning how to draw Christmas lights with our easy to follow step by step tutorials. These are easy enough for kids of all ages to manage and fun enough for you to enjoy as well.

We’ll show you three different ways of drawing the Christmas lights, all great in their own way.

Once you get the hang of it, and this will be in no time, you or your kids will be able to draw a Christmas tree with wonderful lights or add gorgeous-looking borders to your handmade Christmas cards.

How to Draw Christmas Lights Step by Step Tutorial

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Are your kids ready to try their hands at drawing these? It’s easy peasy!

How to Draw Christmas Lights Step by Step

Christmas Lights Directed Drawing Guide

What you need:

Step by Step Christmas Lights Drawing Instructions

Version 1 – How to Draw Simple Christmas Lights

This is the easiest way to draw Christmas lights.

Step 1

Start by drawing a simple curved line.

Step 1

Step 2

Draw small rectangles on the line, they should be evenly spaced to some extent.

Step 2

Step 3

Draw light bulbs. If you want more details you can also draw a simple line inside the rectangle to make the cap look a bit more realistic.

Step 3

Step 4

Make it glow! This step is optional, but it adds extra magic. Draw short lines steaming from close to the tip of the lightbulb.

If you want to make a longer light chain, start from step one again, drawing another curve starting from the end of the first one.

Step 4

Step 5

The last thing to do is to color in the Christmas lights.

Xmas Lights

Version 2 – How to Draw Wavy Xmas Lights

Step 1

Draw a wavy line.

Step 01

Step 2

Draw small rectangles on top of each up wave and under each down wave.

Step 02

Step 3

Draw light bulbs on every rectangle.

Step 03

Step 4

It’s time to make the lights glow brightly – add lines around each bulb.

Step 04

Step 5

Color your drawing in festive colors.

Xmas Light Bulbs

Version 3 – How to Draw Christmas Light Bulbs

Step 1

Draw a curved line with loops. Just let your hand guide you, however it ends up looking it’s OK.

Step 001

Step 2

Look at the shape you made and space out the rectangles. Less is more is the rule here as you can always add additional light bulbs later on.

As you place the rectangles, think about where the light bulb will be so that you don’t draw them to close to one another.

Step 002

Step 3

Draw light bulbs.

Step 003

Step 4

Make them sparkle and glow by adding small lines around each of the lightbulbs.

Step 004

Step 5

Color in festive colors.

Christmas Lights
How to Draw Christmas Lights Step by Step Tutorial

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