Hot Air Balloon Paper Craft

We have the most adorable hot air balloon paper craft idea to share with you today, and it comes with a printable template you can use (if you wish).

Simple paper crafts for kids (and kids at heart) are out favorite to do as we always have some colorful paper just laying around.

Adorable Printable Hot Air Balloon Paper Craft for Kids

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This is our first hot air balloon craft idea we ever shared but we do love how fun it was to make and how colorful it turned out, so we are pretty sure we will be sharing more with you soon.

You can use our printable template for this crafty project or just have the kids draw their own balloons to unleash their creativity. This idea will work out nicely as classroom crafty project (preschoolers, kindergarten and higher grades), you just need to adjust some steps to fit the age group of kids.

Hot Air Balloon Paper Craft

What you need:

  • our printable template (we will get to it a bit later on)
  • colorful construction paper
  • scissors or paper cutter
  • glue
  • colored pencils, crayons, markers (we colored the template at the end of our tutorial but when working with younger kids we suggest you first have them color the template).

You Can Watch the Hot Air Balloon Craft Video Tutorial Here

Or follow the step by step instructions

Start by printing out our template (located at the end of these instructions). We recommend you color the template first.

Cut strips of papers – we used the paper cutter as it works out faster (perfct for teachers if you will do the cutting). Scissors can be used to. We used 4 different colors – 2 strips of paper in each color (8 together).

Fold the strips on both ends as shown on the image above.

Glue the strips inside the balloon circle. We started with two red ones. Glue one on the template and the next one at a 90° angle (making a cross). Continue by gluing the next strip in between the “red ones”…. Continue until you get a “dome”.

Now that your hot air balloon craft is done, all there is left to do is to color the scenery. Happy coloring!

Hot Air Balloon Craft Template

You can get the pintable template for this fun craft by clicking here -> Hot Air Ballon Craft Template

Printable Hot Air Balloon Paper Craft for Kids


Cute Hot Air Balloon Paper Craft for Kids

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    • Hi! If you cut a letter sheet or a A4 sheet across it’s width (shorter side) it will work out nicely. The fold under each end doesn’t need to be exact – anywhere from 1 finger to 2 fingers (placed on the paper for measurement) will be OK (it it’s more or less the craft will still work).

    • I found that 3/4 inch strips worked perfectly, cutting on the width, like Andrea said. I used construction paper.

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