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DIY Paper Cup Turtle Summer Craft

Recycled Cup Turtle Craft

5367 shares Recycled crafts are the best and you can easily make a recycled cup turtle craft as having or working with kids usually means you will have a cup or two at your hand most of the time. Any

Toucan Paper Plate Craft

Paper Plate Toucan Craft

Are you ready to make a Paper Plate Toucan Craft? It will be a colorful craft that anyone will love completing. Toucans are one of the most beloved birds in the world, thanks to their colorful plumage and playful nature.

Printable 3D Paper Turtles Craft

3D Turtles Paper Craft

Your kids can make the cutest little ocean scene with our fun 3D turtles paper craft. This one combines coloring with cutting and pasting, so it’s a project that is fun all around. Not to mention, it’s perfect to make