Hatching Dinosaur Paper Craft

Ready to make your baby dino out of paper? Enjoy crafting a Hatching Dinosaur Paper Craft; it’s super easy to assemble and fun to play with.

Hatching Dinosaur Paper Craft

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As we love making different Animal Crafts for Kids, we’re sure this hatching dino will bring smiles to your students’ faces.

We also got many Dinosaur Coloring Pages for all the children who love these ancient giants, and if they want to learn How to Draw a Dinosaur on their own, we prepared an easy-to-follow tutorial.

Do you remember the fabulous hatching chick we made for Easter?

Dino Hatching Paper Craft

Well, everyone just loved it – we got lots of compliments for that project, and that is why we decided to surprise you with another critter popping out of an egg.

Hatching Dino Paper Craft

This time we have a cute baby dinosaur inside the egg, waiting for it to crack open.

Hatching Dinosaur Craft

This is a very easy project to assemble, with not many steps to follow and we bet you already have all the materials needed for it.

Paper Dino Hatching From an Egg

Jump right in to craft with us guys; we know that many of you love dinosaurs.

How to Make a Hatching Dinosaur Paper Craft

What you need:

  • pale green cardstock (or any color of your choice)
  • brown cardstock
  • dark blue color paper
  • light blue color paper
  • black marker
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • glue
  • split pin
  • paper eyes


Step by Step Tutorial

On the green cardstock, draw an egg shape.

We provided dimensions so you can see how big the egg shape is.

Step 1

Cut out the egg shape.

Step 2

Take the pencil and draw a crack in the middle of the egg.

Step 3

Cut through the crack and divide the egg in half.

Step 4

Attach the halves together with a split pin.

Step 5

Check if the egg opens and closes right.

Step 6

On the brown cardstock, draw some oval shapes and some circles.

They should not be perfect ones.

Step 7

Cut out the oval shapes and the circles.

Step 8

Glue them on the egg as shown.

Step 9

Cut out the excess brown paper sticking out of the egg.

Step 10

Great, you just made the mechanism work!

Step 11

On the dark blue color, paper draw a dinosaur shape.

Step 12

Cut it out with your scissors.

Step 13

Trace the head and the muzzle of the dinosaur on the light blue color paper and add some spikes on the head.

Step 14

Here you can see the traced parts more clearly.

Step 15

Cut out the head with the spikes and cut out the muzzle too.

Step 16

Glue them on the dinosaur shape.

You should glue the head part to the backside of the dino. Make sure to glue the muzzle at the front side of the dinosaur.

Step 17

Glue the paper eyes on.

Step 18

Draw two nostrils on the muzzle with the black marker.

Step 19

Draw a tiny circle mouth too.

Step 20

Glue the dinosaur inside the egg.

Step 21

The only parts sticking out should be the head and the muzzle.

Step 22

All done!

DIY Dinosaur Hatching Paper Craft

Each time we open the egg, we get really happy.

DIY Dino Hatching From an Egg Paper Craft

We noticed that these projects always bring smiles to our faces and brighten our days up.

DIY Dino Hatching Paper Craft

Hope you guys love them too and hope they fill your days with joy.

Dino in an Egg Paper Craft

Isn’t it cute?

That is all for today.

DIY Hatching Dino Paper Craft

Stay tuned for more!

Hatching Dinosaur Paper Craft Idea

Get Your Hatching Dinosaur Paper Craft Template Here

Hatching Dinosaur Paper Craft

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