Handprint Winter Tree Craft

We do love a good handprint art project, they make wonderful keepsakes and are treasured for years to come. This handprint winter tree craft is a perfect winter handprint art idea that kids can make. Make one with them each year and watch the tree grow, so to speak.

This project is great as it adds quite a bit of fine motor skill practice, so it’s not just all about making handprints. You can make it either by tracing the hand like we did, or by having the kids paint their hands with brown paint and making their handprints. Both ways are fun, and the end result is equally nice.

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Handprint Winter Tree

How to Make the Handprint Winter Tree Craft

What you need:

  • pencil
  • scissors
  • glue
  • white paper
  • cardstock (blue and brown)
  • pom-poms (white)

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Start by setting up the base. We chose light blue cardstock to add a frosty touch to our project, but kids can choose other colors as well.

Step 1

Time to add a snowy layer! Grab a sheet of white paper that’s the same width as the base paper and have kids tear it.

Step 2

Apply glue to the bottom part of the base or on the white torn paper.

Step 3

Stick the torn paper on the base.

Step 4

Take the brown paper and have the kids place their hand on the paper (left hand if they are right handed or right hand if they are left handed). Have them trace around their hand.

Step 5

Next, have them cut out the handprint and glue it to the snowy layer.

Step 6

It’s time to make it snow!

Step 7

Glue on the white pom-poms.

Step 8

All done!

Step 9

Did your kids like this project?

DIY Handprint Winter Tree Craft

We love the simplicity of this winter wonderland art!

Handprint Winter Tree Craft Idea

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